An eclectic menagerie in Saigon

Funny thing about staying away from a is hard to let go. I thought I would write about fashion on my primary blog, Collage of Life...but it is not as easy as it sounds...different audience, different things happening. It just feels write to keep it in one space.

Life in Saigon presents style challenges. I love jewellery of the creative type but it's too hot in Saigon to wear it all day. I should mention that...YES..that is a chopstick stand holding all my bangles on the table below. When in use everything, in any shape and manner that you can think of. 

My mannequin is a shrine to my travels...
New Zealand, Israel, Morocco, England, 
Vietnam, Myanmar and the Solomon Islands.
An eclectic menagerie.

SO.. life in Saigon is hot...
and I dress light 
which means lots of light cottons and linen. 
I have most of my clothes made to suit the climate. 
Fortunately, in Vietnam it is easy and inexpensive.

One can't help miss what one does not have. 
I miss layers and layers and boots and coats and hats 
and gloves and black and more black. 
I am forever waiting for a cool breeze 
on a foreign shore.
When thinking about foreign shores..
I often turn to Pinterest.

Wool. leather. leopard. love.

via September Vogue 1959

 I would take all of my 56 years 
and gladly pour it into this
by Burberry.

via Burberry

via Burberry 

Every leather jacket deserves a motorcycle, 
especially if you look like Francoise Hardy.


Reality beckons.
Saigon is steamy.
 I am thinking black and red shoes.
and air conditioning.

You can find the 'pin' here

What are you thinking?

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  1. Jeanne, You are my kind of girl! A "life is art, art is life", multi-talented, kind of girl. Love your style and I will follow any subject you care to write about :)
    Miranda St John



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