The simplicity of Paule Ka

Enjoying the simplicity of this wardrobe..
working in two colours.
It can't get any easier than that. 

A winter's day on Sloane Street in London, 
viewing a window at Paule Ka.

Women in red

My most recent post at Collage of Life is entitled 'Life at the Chateau'.
We call our home Mango Chateau for it's colour...
it is similar to a very ripe mango.
Thinking of mangoes... kkkkaty from Down The Eyrie Road 
wrote from Washington, USA to say that she wondered 
what it would be like to wear a mango red dress.
I then started to wonder too.

I went off in search of mango red and came up with the following..

A long flowing silk skirt 
with a loose white silk top works for me.
How about you?


I have several mango red scarves,
this one is beautiful...


Would I wear Red Van's...absolutely!
How about you?


Mango red boyfriend shirt with jeans..
no question, it is a yes!
How about you?


 I then started to think about lipstick. 
Interestingly, when you google red lipstick 
and see a page of women staring back of you..
it is not as attractive as you would think.
Although..this one caught my eye.


 With lipstick works a charm.
In Paris...even better.


The gorgeous Liv Tyler in red.


and Iris Apfel at 92..she's got what it takes.


I had to check in with Meryl for if she wears it, 
then I know it is a good thing.


Then of course, there is my style guru, Diane Keaton. 
We share similar colouring and I like that she wears 
what she wants.
Whether it is full on red or just hints of it.
Diane pulls off  red with ease and perfection.



That is my take on red.
I wear it as an accent.
Now I am thinking...
maybe I will be even more adventuresome.
Mango red is my choice.
How about you, what is your take on red?

Issa in the Pink..London..Spring..2013

All I can say... is bring on Spring 2013.
If Issa is anything to by,
it will be stunning.

I think I just fell in love with the
colour pink all over again.

All images via stylebistro
(Spring 2013- Source: Imax Tree)

Sweater girl at heart...

I am a sweater girl at is the New Englander in me.
My love is on hold whilst living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
I have developed another love...linen, cotton and silk. can't take the New Englander out of the woman.
I sighed when I saw this illustration by Rene Bouche.

Vogue artwork © by Conde Naste Publications, Ltd. All rights reserved.


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