Carole Lombard...taking to the woods

Appreciating that not everyone is considering
 a wardrobe around the summer tropics at the moment...
here is a little something to inspire those of you 
who are living the winter life.
Carole Lombard...taking to the woods c. 1930

PS..Pamela..this one is for you. 
I think you and Edward are made for this look!

What to wear in the tropics...

Grabbed a quick pic of this outfit in a shop window 
today in Ho Chi Minh City.
I liked the long lines and the fact that it looks 
reasonably cool to wear.
It is SO important to get the fabric and fit right 
in a tropical climate.
I think I am getting the hang of it. 

I recently had a few casual, loose, silk dresses made up in 
different colours and lengths. 
I like the look and feel of the outfit above and have had it 
made in silk with 3/4 length sleeves that have a button if I choose to roll 
the sleeves. I keep the slits, left and right, high for ease of comfort 
and wear slim lined pants to suit. I fashion it after the Indian Kurta.
I came across this look in India...and loved it.

Admiring an outfit with a zoom lens.

Throw on a hat, sunglasses 
and you are good to go!

When next in Paris...vintage Manolo

Since moving to Vietnam...
my world consists of sandals in every shape and form.
Five months on and I long for structure. 

I have never been one for what I call 'glamour shoes'.
This practical New England girl has
been a bit boring on the glamour shoe front. 
Boots are another matter.
I love boots...

I made a decision the other day...
When next in Paris...I am going for it. 
In my mind, shoes like this have to purchased 
in a special place...Paris it is.
I will then learn how to walk in them.

A trip to Paris to buy vintage Manolo Blahnik shoes
and a little black dress to go with them?
Sounds like a pretty good reason to go to Paris to me.
How about you?

Images via people who love shoes.

Antique ethnic caftan style...Mariano Fortuny

I was going to hang up my hat on this blog...
but then something happened,
we moved from England to Vietnam.
I have since been in and out of silk shops 
and started to think of the possibilities. 

So here I am again and I am happy to be back.
Thinking fashion for women of a certain age, like me,
who like to do their own thing, like me.
If that rings true for you...stay awhile.
We can look for inspiration together.

If you are mad for the unusual,

with perhaps a little mystery and drama,

or just something to skim over areas
you would rather not draw attention to...

How about this vintage wrap?

It is a Mariano Fortuny silk gauze wrap, c. 1920.
Persian stenciled pattern with birds and trees. 
Trimmed in coral colored Venetian glass beads.
Stenciled with real gold metallic pigments.
A beauty.

Information on Mariano Fortuny 
and this wrap can be found at
Vintage Textile along with the photos.


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