MM & LV = Forever

{till death do us part}

A story, 25 years in the making...I have been searching for the perfect bag for some time. I strolled up and down Fifth Avenue when I was in NY without luck. The following week, back in London, I walked into Max Mara on Bond Street. A beautiful Italian woman walked in with the bag shown here and I knew it was the one. Fortunately for me, it was a Max Mara bag. I went right up to the counter and asked to look at it. The softest leather and light as a feather. I rationalised 25 years of waiting for the perfect designer bag. Seemed like a bargain when you diveded 25 into the price. I had to, as I had just purchased the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag 30 minutes earlier. Madness.. but well worth the wait. Do you have a favourite that you feel extra special about?


  1. Dear Jeanne,
    Once upon a time you visited my blog, even followed me and I somehow overlooked the fact what a brilliant writer of (many) blogs you are...
    Now I came over and have been reading, here and there, all together a really good long while and I am enchanted! (ILove your bike, you make a wonderful couple of 24 years, your walks in London are the stuff of my dreams and to go to Vietnam has been on my travel list for a while now)
    Thank goodness I found you back!
    Your style notes are excellent and funny, I always try to be creative
    within my means, which usually exclude high end designer cloths/bags/shoes....
    but with a little bit of luck I always find great alternatives...
    You are certainly an inspiration!
    Will come back soon!

  2. Love the Max Mara bag. Which LV pattern did you decide upon?



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