Mango Massai @ Lotta Stensson

What is Mango Massai? 
The newest print from the Lotta Stensson Collection
She says..'A rich, earthy color palette, with a global-chic graphic, 
inspired by ancient African textiles.' 
I say....'I love it'!

All created in beautiful silk charmeuse.

 Mango Massai Long Robe-Dress

Mango Massai Shrug

Mango Massai Poncho

I admit I am partial to patterns and for the most part wear them
in the shape of a scarf but in this crazy time in my life...
I am ready to take a walk on the wild side.

My kids would roll their eyes and wonder what will come next.
To that, I say...'just you wait and see baby'

Then again, as I write this, I wonder if
there is a case of 'daughter like mother' happening here.

The shrug caught my attention. I am fascinated by them.
Slip one on and you have the most sensational look. 
No more pashminas and scarves falling this way and that...
you are in control and I like that! It makes me want to dust off 
the sewing machine...they are that easy.

How about you...have you experienced a shrug?
Any interest in walking on the wild side yet?


  1. Love the long one.
    And I especially love the beach she's walking on! Sigh.

  2. Hello Jeanne

    I love the shrug and it looks infinitely more comfortable to a pashmina. The colours are fabulous.
    Thank you for commenting and for your suggestion on how I can adjust my blog to respond. Will give it a try.
    Have a great week




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