Screen Sirens and Temperley London

I am thinking Spring and am right in there
with this Temperley London kimono and jumpsuit.
They say it is inspired by Grace Kelly and the silver screen.
All glamour and romance...I think it would be a dream to wear.

Rosine Printed Jumpsuit and Kimono 
Have a look at it up truly is dreamy.

The Long Florence Dress below says Downton Abbey to me.
I think Matthew would have a twinkle in his eye if he saw Mary in this one. :)

Then again, there is something about this Long Tassel Dress (below)
it just says FUN to me...

If I had to choose just one...
it would be the Rosine Printed Jumpsuit and Kimono
how about you?

images via Temperely London

1 comment:

  1. Hello Jeanne!

    I hope you had a great week, and you managing with all of the paperwork?

    I love the dress that resembles the costumes from Downton Abbey, I forgot the name between the time I read it and then came to the comment page. As you say, you have to love hormones.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Elizabeth



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