Loving Argan Oil

Please pardon my attempts to photograph this product. It is questionable.
It involved an iPhone, a Moroccan necklace and a sheet of white paper...but...
I just had to take a moment to talk about Argan Oil. 

This is the miracle product in my beauty cupboard at the moment. The one
that has led to the slippery slopes of soft skin. I should say, softer skin.

Actually it is not just for skin, I discovered it during a beauty treatment on a recent visit
to Marrakech. I came out dripping in it from head to toe...and hair and felt fabulous.

Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the Argan tree, found in Morocco.
It is said to have restorative and age-defying effects. It is high in vitamin E and many other
wonderful properties. The bottom line for me is that it works.

Winter skin combined with unpredictable hormones has left me 
grumpy all winter. It has been two weeks since I purchased this product
and I have not had any of the previous symptoms. 
Hopefully, grumpy Jeanne is a thing of the past.

You can find Argan oil everywhere. I would start with a good health store or beauty spa.
Seeing that readers are spread wide and far I recommend googling the product 
to find one that suits you. 

My daughter has made a discovery as well...Evening Primrose Oil.
We seem to be two women in need of extra nourishment this winter
and oil is doing the trick. You can read her thoughts here.

Argan oil via Kasbah Tamadot


  1. Hi Jeanne
    I've been using Morrocan Oil hair products which are quite pricey. Now I'm thinking maybe I should just skip straight to the Argan oil ;-)

  2. I've been using Argan Oil for months, and my skin is much better since then.

  3. A great shampoo! One of my favourites, especially this time of year!

  4. I use it on my hair occasionally but not on my skin - maybe I should have a go. Know all about those hormones Jeanne! x



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