Barbour Quilted Bags

I am always in the market for a good travel bag. 
But I do have strict requirements.
First and foremost, it must be light. My goal is to avoid stress on neck 
and shoulders and subsequent visits to a Physio. 
.Once it passes the Jeanne test for lightness 
(involves a number of curious arm movements).
I consider the following:
A bag should be able to stand up to travel wear and tear.
Up, down, over and under..dirt and scuffs make their mark.
The only drawback to black is when it is used in an interior lining.
Separating black from black items in a bag is a nuisance.

A long sturdy, comfortable and adjustable strap is a must.
If you are going to spend a day hauling a bag around, it has to be comfortable.
I often go cross shoulder to easily get in and out of a bag.
For smarter occasions, I like to be able to adjust for a simple over the shoulder.

Depth... plentiful
The ability to hold a camera or two is a huge bonus. 
An extra pocket here or there for essentials is handy as well.
I prefer width in a bag to easily locate belongings.
There is nothing worse than digging to the ends of the earth
to find what you are looking for. I like to look in a bag and find something quickly.

I came across the Barbour Quilted Tarras bags (below) in quilted nylon
and was impressed by them. Between the two, I quite like the Tarras bag.
It weights next to nothing. :)
Barbour Tarras bag in Quilted Nylon

Barbour Quilted Mail Bag

I have not purchased one yet. I have long been a fan of the Longchamp Le Pliage Tote,
but I have to say, I just might travel 'to the other side' on this one.

Barbour has a lot of great choices. 
You can view them here.

How do you fare on travel bags?
What is as the top of your priority list?


  1. I have this great bag that is actually a man's bag. It has seen more miles then most people. Holds everything and more.

  2. I've just been over to the site and had a look. I didn't even realize they did bags. I also really love their collaboration with Liberty prints; so cute.
    I tend to switch regularly between travel bags. My fav at the moment is by Loewe (which is part leather and part fabric).I'm definitely going back to the Barbour site to see what I can buy ;-) I'll blame you when Hubs finds the purchases on the credit card ;-) xx

  3. Hi Jeanne

    These are good looking bags. Like you I like light weight and a good comfortable strap. I do like a top opening, so I can leave the bag on my shoulder as I rummage through. If I had the flap over, I might forget to close it and it would be more clumsy to work with hanging from the shoulder. It it a good look.
    At present I have a Michael Kors leather black bag with beige leather handles(very comfortable on shoulder) It is light weight and works like a charm. Someone told me they purchased one in cream last year, so I will be on the lookout.
    A great post as usual

    Helen xx

  4. Light when empty is a must. I, too, love Longchamp LePliage bags and have several in various sizes and colors. But I just recently purchased a gorgeous leather Longchamp:
    in a beautiful bronze-tinged black that is light when empty even though it is leather. I love this bag. When empty it lies flat enough to slip into a suitcase without intruding on space. It will go with me to Turkey and England this summer.



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