St. John with a Touch of Fendi

I think the photo above has to be one of my favourites, 
if only because, once upon a time,
I felt like a princess in a dress like this. 
Not a St. John dress...
but it was magic to me all the same.

Nowadays, I would wear something closer
to the above ( St. John). I love it's simple elegance.

I was intrigued by this Fendi bag (below).
Two in one, very clever.
I like it!


In the Pink with Pucci

Feeling pink, feeling festive..with Pucci.
Window shopping on Fifth Avenue.
Pucci Spring Summer 2012 Full Fashion Show

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A New York Moment and Louis Vuitton

I wrote a post over at Collage of Life two years ago (below)...and here I am two years on, still thinking on Louis Vuitton..the 'Neverfull GM' tote to be specific. I was in NYC last week, on Fifth Avenue and ventured into Louis Vuitton...still dreaming.  I looked and tried them all and was nearly ready to embrace Louis Vuitton into my world when two things surprised me. The first is that the LV bags purchased in the USA are stamped 'Made in the USA'. I am sorry...why do I want a French bag...stamped with 'Made in the USA'? I am American..but still...the answer is no! 

The second surprising fact is that it costs less to buy the bag in London (where I live). So..needless to say, I left the New York shop without embracing LV..but I am home and off to LV this week....the only thing left to which one? Any suggestions?

Blog post....February 12, 2010...

Every time I see a new Louis Vuitton campaign I think wonderful. The photography, the characters, the details.. each and every one is so captivating. I came across an advertisement in the International Herald Tribune yesterday and it stopped me in my tracks. 

I quickly parked myself in front of my computer and followed the link: Louis Vuitton-Catherine Deneuve-Behind the Scene and was mesmerised by a film clip of Annie Leibovitz working with Catherine Deneuve. To me, Annie is a photographer to love. I have been collecting books of her work for years and thoroughly enjoy them. If you are a fan of Annie's than have a look at this clip. There is lots more so be sure to set aside some time to take it all in.

Louis Vuitton campaigns photographed by Annie Leibovitz

Do I own a Louis Vuitton bag?  No. 
Do I want to own a Louis Vuitton bag?
You betcha! 
The one next to Annie in the top image 
and the one next to Mr. Coppolla
would suit me to a 'T'. 

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

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Barbour Quilted Bags

I am always in the market for a good travel bag. 
But I do have strict requirements.
First and foremost, it must be light. My goal is to avoid stress on neck 
and shoulders and subsequent visits to a Physio. 
.Once it passes the Jeanne test for lightness 
(involves a number of curious arm movements).
I consider the following:
A bag should be able to stand up to travel wear and tear.
Up, down, over and under..dirt and scuffs make their mark.
The only drawback to black is when it is used in an interior lining.
Separating black from black items in a bag is a nuisance.

A long sturdy, comfortable and adjustable strap is a must.
If you are going to spend a day hauling a bag around, it has to be comfortable.
I often go cross shoulder to easily get in and out of a bag.
For smarter occasions, I like to be able to adjust for a simple over the shoulder.

Depth... plentiful
The ability to hold a camera or two is a huge bonus. 
An extra pocket here or there for essentials is handy as well.
I prefer width in a bag to easily locate belongings.
There is nothing worse than digging to the ends of the earth
to find what you are looking for. I like to look in a bag and find something quickly.

I came across the Barbour Quilted Tarras bags (below) in quilted nylon
and was impressed by them. Between the two, I quite like the Tarras bag.
It weights next to nothing. :)
Barbour Tarras bag in Quilted Nylon

Barbour Quilted Mail Bag

I have not purchased one yet. I have long been a fan of the Longchamp Le Pliage Tote,
but I have to say, I just might travel 'to the other side' on this one.

Barbour has a lot of great choices. 
You can view them here.

How do you fare on travel bags?
What is as the top of your priority list?

Loving Argan Oil

Please pardon my attempts to photograph this product. It is questionable.
It involved an iPhone, a Moroccan necklace and a sheet of white paper...but...
I just had to take a moment to talk about Argan Oil. 

This is the miracle product in my beauty cupboard at the moment. The one
that has led to the slippery slopes of soft skin. I should say, softer skin.

Actually it is not just for skin, I discovered it during a beauty treatment on a recent visit
to Marrakech. I came out dripping in it from head to toe...and hair and felt fabulous.

Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the Argan tree, found in Morocco.
It is said to have restorative and age-defying effects. It is high in vitamin E and many other
wonderful properties. The bottom line for me is that it works.

Winter skin combined with unpredictable hormones has left me 
grumpy all winter. It has been two weeks since I purchased this product
and I have not had any of the previous symptoms. 
Hopefully, grumpy Jeanne is a thing of the past.

You can find Argan oil everywhere. I would start with a good health store or beauty spa.
Seeing that readers are spread wide and far I recommend googling the product 
to find one that suits you. 

My daughter has made a discovery as well...Evening Primrose Oil.
We seem to be two women in need of extra nourishment this winter
and oil is doing the trick. You can read her thoughts here.

Argan oil via Kasbah Tamadot

Screen Sirens and Temperley London

I am thinking Spring and am right in there
with this Temperley London kimono and jumpsuit.
They say it is inspired by Grace Kelly and the silver screen.
All glamour and romance...I think it would be a dream to wear.

Rosine Printed Jumpsuit and Kimono 
Have a look at it up truly is dreamy.

The Long Florence Dress below says Downton Abbey to me.
I think Matthew would have a twinkle in his eye if he saw Mary in this one. :)

Then again, there is something about this Long Tassel Dress (below)
it just says FUN to me...

If I had to choose just one...
it would be the Rosine Printed Jumpsuit and Kimono
how about you?

images via Temperely London


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