Personal Style and Vintage Finds

A friend and I were discussing our style the other day, we have similar taste 
and were trying to find the words to describe our personal style. 
It's a tricky one. I just like this and that and that and that. 
Often no rhyme or reasons appears. It just happens to be how I feel at the moment..
I liken my wardrobe to a roller coaster is often one wild ride.
But when you reach a certain age, which I have,  that's OK in my books.

So...when I saw this Irish tweed coat in our local vintage shop for a great price I had to say yes.
I have been wearing it all week and absolutely love it. It's a good fit, I have lots of scarves to 
go with it and it is my new best least for now. No matter that in six months time
I will be moving to a tropical climate. I am living in the here and now.

Then you have days when you are feeling a bit retro..yearning for yesteryear and with a Liberty label, I said why not. I can dress it up, down, it is silk, a good price, I live in England, I am moving to Vietnam...all good reasons to purchase this blouse. See what I mean?

Ah yes, my evening coat. Well, at least that is what I call it. I have no idea when and where I will wear it. But I know....something will come up, somewhere, someday. I am thinking long black evening dress  or black pants, black turtleneck with this thrown over my shoulders as I go out the door. Then again, it could be something fun and funky for the cocktail circuit. Just need to find the right cocktail crowd...
who will not raise an eyebrow when I enter looking like a throwback from a 1960's Peter Seller's movie. :)

It is all about embracing our muse...more on that over here.
I don't seem to have a problem with that..I just have to try and keep her under control.

Now, what I am dying to know....does this ever happen to you?



  1. You have a great sense of style and you know what works for you. Many of us battle with that. Love your purchases!!


  2. I love the shirt, its gorgeous! Well done.

  3. Oh yes, a friend gave me a luxurious long plum velvet Shirt/ jacket with slits on the side. At first I thought, hmm. When I put it on with black pants I was transformed and I love, love it!

    Art by Karena

  4. Jeanne,

    Each peice is more stunning then the next! I love the tweed and then the Liberty print is so wonderful and the evening coat, I think would be great at the Theatre or the Opera or perhaps in Vietnam? I do not know much about the clothing there but I think you can never go wrong with silk.

    I love that you wardrobe is a rollercoaster ride. I feel the same. I have tons of winter clothes even though the last 15 years I have lived in FL and VA where winter is non-existant. But I travel to the Midwest frequently and cannot wear summer clothers here with 15 inches of snow.

    "The Winds of Change" as you called them are blowing here to,so perhaps I will be able to wear more tweed on a regular basis. Who knows.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful finds!

    On a different note, I read yesterday that OXFAM is the 2nd largest bookseller in your country now! I always love buying books there when I visit the UK and Scotland.

    Take care, Elizabeth

  5. I am so envious that you have all these wonderful vintage shops nearby. I wish you were not leaving for Vietnam before I arrive back in the UK; you could have given me a quick lesson in vintage chicness. After 11 years away from the UK I think I've lost my creative "mo-jo". I LOVE your finds, especially the tweed jacket and evening coat.

  6. The blazer is great! I just wore a wool blazer that I saved for years.. great to recycle some of the older favorites!

  7. Hello Jeanne

    I do love your Donegal tweed jacket.It is beautifully tailored and so classic.
    Your coat is stunning and will look stunning with silk pants beneath.

    So much fun and the beauty is that you are truly original and will not meet yourself on the street.

    Helen xx

  8. I loves very much the irish style, most of all if vintage. I have got, now, only two coat in this style, but when I wear it I feel good!



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