Elizabeth and her Ensembles

I just had a quick flick through Christie's website and The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor.
It is fascinating not only to see her clothes but also what they sold for last month.
All above estimate...I imagine there were many happy collectors this past Christmas.

The stand outs for me were the Thea Porter caftans. If you have read my posts recently, 
you will know that I am a big fan of caftans and the ones below especially. 
I could think of nothing better than to play dress up with all of them.

From Thea Porter to Christian Dior to the long evening coats. I picked up a long evening coat
 in a vintage shop this week. It was one of those things that one could not resist. 
Just to be good to be true and one day...
I know I will wear it. :)

In the meantime, I will ponder on Elizabeth Taylor and her beautiful ensembles.

Elizabeth Taylor c. 1960's

Thea Porter caftans for Elizabeth Taylor

Christian Dior for Elizabeth Taylor


  1. Hello Jeanne

    I love the caftans too. It can be such an elegant look.
    I would love to see a picture of your long evening coat and I am sure you will be the belle of the ball when you sport it.

    Wasn't Elizabeth Taylor so beautiful.

    Helen xx

  2. Something I really miss about living in Spain-there are NO vintage shops anywhere. Would love to see a photo of your lovely evening coat.
    Elizabeth really made kaftans look fashionable rather than a cover-up for all our sins ;-)

  3. Goodness she had sooo many Caftans.. amazing. I bet your new vintage evening coat is gorgeous. Have a great weekend. X

  4. I love caftans, and no one wore them more beautifully than Elizabeth Taylor. Please take a picture of your evening coat...need to see!!



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