Carole Lombard...taking to the woods

Appreciating that not everyone is considering
 a wardrobe around the summer tropics at the moment...
here is a little something to inspire those of you 
who are living the winter life.
Carole Lombard...taking to the woods c. 1930

PS..Pamela..this one is for you. 
I think you and Edward are made for this look!

What to wear in the tropics...

Grabbed a quick pic of this outfit in a shop window 
today in Ho Chi Minh City.
I liked the long lines and the fact that it looks 
reasonably cool to wear.
It is SO important to get the fabric and fit right 
in a tropical climate.
I think I am getting the hang of it. 

I recently had a few casual, loose, silk dresses made up in 
different colours and lengths. 
I like the look and feel of the outfit above and have had it 
made in silk with 3/4 length sleeves that have a button if I choose to roll 
the sleeves. I keep the slits, left and right, high for ease of comfort 
and wear slim lined pants to suit. I fashion it after the Indian Kurta.
I came across this look in India...and loved it.

Admiring an outfit with a zoom lens.

Throw on a hat, sunglasses 
and you are good to go!

When next in Paris...vintage Manolo

Since moving to Vietnam...
my world consists of sandals in every shape and form.
Five months on and I long for structure. 

I have never been one for what I call 'glamour shoes'.
This practical New England girl has
been a bit boring on the glamour shoe front. 
Boots are another matter.
I love boots...

I made a decision the other day...
When next in Paris...I am going for it. 
In my mind, shoes like this have to purchased 
in a special place...Paris it is.
I will then learn how to walk in them.

A trip to Paris to buy vintage Manolo Blahnik shoes
and a little black dress to go with them?
Sounds like a pretty good reason to go to Paris to me.
How about you?

Images via people who love shoes.

Antique ethnic caftan style...Mariano Fortuny

I was going to hang up my hat on this blog...
but then something happened,
we moved from England to Vietnam.
I have since been in and out of silk shops 
and started to think of the possibilities. 

So here I am again and I am happy to be back.
Thinking fashion for women of a certain age, like me,
who like to do their own thing, like me.
If that rings true for you...stay awhile.
We can look for inspiration together.

If you are mad for the unusual,

with perhaps a little mystery and drama,

or just something to skim over areas
you would rather not draw attention to...

How about this vintage wrap?

It is a Mariano Fortuny silk gauze wrap, c. 1920.
Persian stenciled pattern with birds and trees. 
Trimmed in coral colored Venetian glass beads.
Stenciled with real gold metallic pigments.
A beauty.

Information on Mariano Fortuny 
and this wrap can be found at
Vintage Textile along with the photos.

Signing Collage of Life

First post, here.

I started this blog as a test. I was working on a presentation 
to show a group of women how to start a blog. 
I called it the first thing that came into my head. 
I was looking at the photo above and thought..perfect..
..everything I love... cashmere and jeans. 
Once the presentation was over, I thought on it and decided to add a few 
more things and before I knew it I was compiling another blog. 
Over time, Cashmerejeans became CJ Style Notes and
16 months later, here I am. 

On that note, I have decided to consolidate. I am in downsizing mode. 
 I will continue to write over at Collage of Life, my HQ so to speak.
Style will always be on my mind...the kind that suits women of my age, 
the very best kind of age. :)

I want to thank each and every one of you who followed this blog.

If you enjoy the same sort of style, you can still find me 
pinning away on CJ Travel and Style Notes @ Pinterest.

I will also write about my kind of style @ Collage of Life.

Before I go, I will end with the most popular posts
during the past 16 months. Is there any better way
to end than with women of enduring style and elegance?

Vanessa Redgrave here
Candice Bergen, here

Lauren Bacall, here

Diane Keaton, here
Meryl Streep and others in Praise of Older Women, here.
Jackie Kennedy Onassis, here.
Grace Kelly, here.

Katharine Hepburn, here

In the end, it really is about just being yourself.
Don't you think?

Jeanne xx

The End.

Browns of London

I spy the coolest shades from Illesteva 
and the wildest dress slippers from Charles Phillip.
All at Browns in London.

Illesteva 'Dasha Zhukova' Acetate Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Charles Phillip Striped Cotton Canvas Slippers

Charles Phillip Leopard Printed Calf Hair Dress Slippers

Charles Phillip Peru Woven Striped Dress Slippers

Yves Saint Laurent Elegance

From Yves Saint Laurent
Women's Spring/Summer 2012 Collection
What can I say but that I love them both.
The pant in pink and grey silk and the pleated skirt in grey and green silk.
White blouse, midnight grey blouse, black belt, fitted jacket...
the list could to go on, I think either would look wonderful with just
about anything.

How about you? 
Which do you prefer and what would
you pair it with?

Pant in pink and grey silk
Pant in pink and grey silk
Pleated skirt in grey and green silk

Pleated skit in grey and green silk

From Yves Saint Laurent
Women's Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Mango Massai @ Lotta Stensson

What is Mango Massai? 
The newest print from the Lotta Stensson Collection
She says..'A rich, earthy color palette, with a global-chic graphic, 
inspired by ancient African textiles.' 
I say....'I love it'!

All created in beautiful silk charmeuse.

 Mango Massai Long Robe-Dress

Mango Massai Shrug

Mango Massai Poncho

I admit I am partial to patterns and for the most part wear them
in the shape of a scarf but in this crazy time in my life...
I am ready to take a walk on the wild side.

My kids would roll their eyes and wonder what will come next.
To that, I say...'just you wait and see baby'

Then again, as I write this, I wonder if
there is a case of 'daughter like mother' happening here.

The shrug caught my attention. I am fascinated by them.
Slip one on and you have the most sensational look. 
No more pashminas and scarves falling this way and that...
you are in control and I like that! It makes me want to dust off 
the sewing machine...they are that easy.

How about you...have you experienced a shrug?
Any interest in walking on the wild side yet?

A Spin on The LIttle Black Dress

I am intrigued by the Cape Dress, 

" Our new version of The Little Black Dress- 
the elegant and flattering Cape Dress has a slim,
 fitted shift underneath a gauzy overlay. Perfect for chic days out 
and for day to night dressing. Wear with contemporary jewelry and high heels 
and expect everyone to ask where your dress came from"

It comes in Black and Silver Grey.
I am wondering how it would look over pants.
Love the overlay concept, perfect for those of us
who need a little me. :)

Even better, Ronit Zilkha will be teaming up with one of my favourites, 
The Travelwrap Company to create a Travel Collection 
of beautiful cashmere pieces and accessories designed by Ronit.

A Little Black Dress designed by Ronit Zilkha 
and a Travelwrap from The Travelwrap company.

image via LuLLiLu

MM & LV = Forever

{till death do us part}

A story, 25 years in the making...I have been searching for the perfect bag for some time. I strolled up and down Fifth Avenue when I was in NY without luck. The following week, back in London, I walked into Max Mara on Bond Street. A beautiful Italian woman walked in with the bag shown here and I knew it was the one. Fortunately for me, it was a Max Mara bag. I went right up to the counter and asked to look at it. The softest leather and light as a feather. I rationalised 25 years of waiting for the perfect designer bag. Seemed like a bargain when you diveded 25 into the price. I had to, as I had just purchased the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag 30 minutes earlier. Madness.. but well worth the wait. Do you have a favourite that you feel extra special about?

St. John with a Touch of Fendi

I think the photo above has to be one of my favourites, 
if only because, once upon a time,
I felt like a princess in a dress like this. 
Not a St. John dress...
but it was magic to me all the same.

Nowadays, I would wear something closer
to the above ( St. John). I love it's simple elegance.

I was intrigued by this Fendi bag (below).
Two in one, very clever.
I like it!


In the Pink with Pucci

Feeling pink, feeling festive..with Pucci.
Window shopping on Fifth Avenue.
Pucci Spring Summer 2012 Full Fashion Show

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>iframe>


A New York Moment and Louis Vuitton

I wrote a post over at Collage of Life two years ago (below)...and here I am two years on, still thinking on Louis Vuitton..the 'Neverfull GM' tote to be specific. I was in NYC last week, on Fifth Avenue and ventured into Louis Vuitton...still dreaming.  I looked and tried them all and was nearly ready to embrace Louis Vuitton into my world when two things surprised me. The first is that the LV bags purchased in the USA are stamped 'Made in the USA'. I am sorry...why do I want a French bag...stamped with 'Made in the USA'? I am American..but still...the answer is no! 

The second surprising fact is that it costs less to buy the bag in London (where I live). So..needless to say, I left the New York shop without embracing LV..but I am home and off to LV this week....the only thing left to which one? Any suggestions?

Blog post....February 12, 2010...

Every time I see a new Louis Vuitton campaign I think wonderful. The photography, the characters, the details.. each and every one is so captivating. I came across an advertisement in the International Herald Tribune yesterday and it stopped me in my tracks. 

I quickly parked myself in front of my computer and followed the link: Louis Vuitton-Catherine Deneuve-Behind the Scene and was mesmerised by a film clip of Annie Leibovitz working with Catherine Deneuve. To me, Annie is a photographer to love. I have been collecting books of her work for years and thoroughly enjoy them. If you are a fan of Annie's than have a look at this clip. There is lots more so be sure to set aside some time to take it all in.

Louis Vuitton campaigns photographed by Annie Leibovitz

Do I own a Louis Vuitton bag?  No. 
Do I want to own a Louis Vuitton bag?
You betcha! 
The one next to Annie in the top image 
and the one next to Mr. Coppolla
would suit me to a 'T'. 

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

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