Ye Olde English Country Weekend

It is hard for me to resist a cape...and when there are three gorgeous Springer Spaniels along with that cape...well, I just have to stop and admire. Actually, I am glad I am not the one holding on to that
leash... I remember well, those puppy days and those three are chomping at the bit to go for a run!

All these images say English country weekend to me along with a flashback to the 70's.
Once upon a time...I am sure I had a floppy hat just like the one below. 

All of the above were featured in this month's issue of Women and Home (UK).
For those of you who can flashback to the days of she is..
looking pretty fabulous at 62.

Images from Women and Home Magazine, January 2012


  1. Bravo Twiggy!
    Love her.
    And Meryl's the new American Vogue cover girl for January! Beautiful.

  2. Twiggy is as beautiful now as the was 40 years ago! Bravo!


  3. Love the shot of Twiggy!! And the fashions have a real 70's flavour.

  4. Great pics! I bought a cape in Austria 10 years ago, and still wear it. Always nice to see Twiggy!

  5. Wonderful images. I must be a relative of Batman, because I could wear a cape every day. They are so romantic, swashbuckling and warm!

  6. Ah, Twiggy! She's aged very well, hasn't she! what a great collection of images you've pulled together here.

  7. Such chic and stylish images. I adore capes...classic, comfortable, and they hide those few extra holiday pounds- what's not to love!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~



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