Swagger and Dash @ Devotion

Meet Carolyn Cowan...mother, clothes designer, portraitist, yoga teacher and body painter. I first discovered the clothes designer side to Carolyn at a local Country Fair. Her clothing line was featured and I was absolutely mesmerised by the colours and textures of her fabrics and the ways in which she designed them. Carolyn thinks outside the box...I love that way of thinking. Since then I stop by her website regularly to see what she is creating. I vowed to pick up at least one item before moving on from England...the problem is...I can never decide. I have been thinking about opera coats
lately...reviving something from the past. My first thought went to Carolyn... she just has that way about her that tells me she would understand....

If you are intrigued as I have been...you can visit her online shopping site, 
The Devotion Emporium, HERE and learn more about the woman 
behind the brand, HERE.

images via
 The Devotion Emporium


  1. You were separated at birth and her designs have your name all over them. Sisters in style!

  2. Fabulous! I love each piece, and the confident expressions.

  3. Thank you for that! Love the artist and the journey. Had I seen this last week, I think the red dress would have been great for an event last night...next year!

  4. Stunning and inspiring! Gorgeous coats, gorgeous photography, and what a model for over-50 living. Thanks for the introduction.

  5. She is a fabulous designer and the colours and fabrics used are rich.

    Thanks for sharing

    Helen Tilston



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