Mad about Fuschia and Naeem Khan

Harpers Bazaar says this coat by Naeem Khan is fabulous at any age. 
It's dreamy and I love it. At a price tag of $12, is a wee bit out
of my price range but I can still imagine the adventures we would have!

How about you...would you slip into this coat?
If so, where would you wear it?


  1. Not sure about this coat - love the look but would I wear it.. however your plaid post ealier.. yes. Most definitely. x

  2. I would totally wear that coat. To the opera, the symphony, the ballet... a coat like that requires a grand hall. :)

  3. Jeans and tall boots and a leather choker necklace; velvet leggings and huge, dripping chandelier earrings; open over an extremely short black leather skirt and boots. With a long, sleek column evening gown in white velvet. Wow. It is really stunning.

  4. Yes this coat is fabulous, I really like the color combinations. I would probably wear it with a either all black (long sleeve tee, black pants) or with a lt grey and white striped shirt and dark jeans.

  5. It seems like it was made for Vietnam!



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