Diane Keaton...a memoir

I have to give Mr. H a 'high five' for this Christmas gift. I asked for the audio book version of Diane
Keaton's memoir and I am not disappointed. Diane reads the book adding her usual charm to every
word. I just started but am already finding myself driving along, circling an extra block or two to carry on. Besides being one of my all time favourite actresses, she is a family woman with a whole lot of style, I like that. :)

You can read and listen to Diane talk about it at Random House

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz ( Vogue) and looking fab at 60!


  1. I want that hat in the second photo! Really!

  2. So agree, a stylish and lovely lady. Thank you for your kind comment Jeanne. Happiest of N Y's to you.. xx

  3. I adore Diane's style and her body of work. What a grand gift!



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