The charming Pippa Small...

I am not sure which is more charming, Pippa Small or her jewellery..I guess I have to say both. I read an article about Pippa recently and have added her shop onto my list of 'must do's' when I am next in Notting Hill. A clever woman, she has combined her anthropology background with her passion for jewellery design and made an impressive business of it. 

About earrings, she says... "earrings bring light and fire to the eyes - we have used all the stones we source from the glittering dark mysterious hematite to the flowery pink tourmaline's and rhodacrosites to the iridescent stunning paua and softer gentler Mexican oyster."

She got me on light and fire...all her pieces are exquisite. 
They make me want to travel the world. :)

You can visit Pippa HERE.

via Luxist


  1. Jeanne

    This looks like a very tempting line.

    I will visit when next in London.

    Thank you for your wonderful posts, support and comments.


  2. I have to say I think she is sooo talented. Love her jewellery. Happy happy holidays to you and yours Jeanne! XX



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