Diane Keaton...a memoir

I have to give Mr. H a 'high five' for this Christmas gift. I asked for the audio book version of Diane
Keaton's memoir and I am not disappointed. Diane reads the book adding her usual charm to every
word. I just started but am already finding myself driving along, circling an extra block or two to carry on. Besides being one of my all time favourite actresses, she is a family woman with a whole lot of style, I like that. :)

You can read and listen to Diane talk about it at Random House

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz ( Vogue) and looking fab at 60!

The charming Pippa Small...

I am not sure which is more charming, Pippa Small or her jewellery..I guess I have to say both. I read an article about Pippa recently and have added her shop onto my list of 'must do's' when I am next in Notting Hill. A clever woman, she has combined her anthropology background with her passion for jewellery design and made an impressive business of it. 

About earrings, she says... "earrings bring light and fire to the eyes - we have used all the stones we source from the glittering dark mysterious hematite to the flowery pink tourmaline's and rhodacrosites to the iridescent stunning paua and softer gentler Mexican oyster."

She got me on light and fire...all her pieces are exquisite. 
They make me want to travel the world. :)

You can visit Pippa HERE.

via Luxist

Ye Olde English Country Weekend

It is hard for me to resist a cape...and when there are three gorgeous Springer Spaniels along with that cape...well, I just have to stop and admire. Actually, I am glad I am not the one holding on to that
leash... I remember well, those puppy days and those three are chomping at the bit to go for a run!

All these images say English country weekend to me along with a flashback to the 70's.
Once upon a time...I am sure I had a floppy hat just like the one below. 

All of the above were featured in this month's issue of Women and Home (UK).
For those of you who can flashback to the days of Twiggy...here she is..
looking pretty fabulous at 62.

Images from Women and Home Magazine, January 2012

Swagger and Dash @ Devotion

Meet Carolyn Cowan...mother, clothes designer, portraitist, yoga teacher and body painter. I first discovered the clothes designer side to Carolyn at a local Country Fair. Her clothing line was featured and I was absolutely mesmerised by the colours and textures of her fabrics and the ways in which she designed them. Carolyn thinks outside the box...I love that way of thinking. Since then I stop by her website regularly to see what she is creating. I vowed to pick up at least one item before moving on from England...the problem is...I can never decide. I have been thinking about opera coats
lately...reviving something from the past. My first thought went to Carolyn... she just has that way about her that tells me she would understand....

If you are intrigued as I have been...you can visit her online shopping site, 
The Devotion Emporium, HERE and learn more about the woman 
behind the brand, HERE.

images via
 The Devotion Emporium

Mad about Fuschia and Naeem Khan

Harpers Bazaar says this coat by Naeem Khan is fabulous at any age. 
It's dreamy and I love it. At a price tag of $12,320US...it is a wee bit out
of my price range but I can still imagine the adventures we would have!

How about you...would you slip into this coat?
If so, where would you wear it?


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