Thinking Red with L.K. Bennett

One minute she is talking about hiking boots (here) and the next minute she is talking about red satin slingbacks. Welcome to my world. I have a Ball in Australia next month and I want to create a look, simply. I am not one for the Ball circuit so whatever I end up with, I want it to work for other occasions.
I may be a bit off topic with these shoes but I have to say I quite fancy them. :)

The brand: L.K. Bennett
The shoe: Moulton Slingback
The detail: Satin ruffle, Diamante sparkle
Inspired by: The platinum and diamond jewelry of the 1920's
My thinking: Judy Garland of The Wizard of Oz fame... 'there is no place like home'
Would I buy them?: Absolutely
What would I wear them with?: I have no idea, any suggestions?

Read all about them @ L.K. Bennett


  1. Oh Jeanne, I love these shoes! They are stunning! Do tell us all about the ball, what is it for? And show us some of the fabulous gowns you have picked out. Further, make sure that you take photos at the ball, we want to see you looking so beautiful!!!

    Ok, back to the shoes, first the color, beautiful, second, a sling back, is there any other kind of shoe for dress, and third, the shoe bling! Wow, it reminds me of the collection of 1920-30's shoe clips that I have. I love those shoes and cannot wait to see your choice!

    Have a fabulous day!

  2. I have no idea what to wear with them, but I say: 'buy them' anyway!

  3. Oh you have to have them Jeanne they are too beautiful! Everyone needs a red shoe!! XX



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