Taking to the Hills with Brasher Boots

I am not a natural outdoors woman but I love it all the same. If you are going to do the extra miles,
take to the hills, maybe the mountains, then footwear is all important. I have my fair share of hiking
boots and have spent a small fortune getting it right. When I saw these boots by the UK brand,
Brasher, I couldn't help but take a peek. The one that caught my eye was the Hillmaster GTX®,
shown here. Can I say, that for hillwalking..they look pretty smart. GORE-TEX® lined for
waterproof comfort, full leather lining, Nubuck cuff and lightweight...they would take some
wearing in to soften up but I wouldn't mind. Does a woman need two pairs of hiking boots? hmmmmm.....

You can find the product details and image here.

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