Effortlessly Elegant Silhouette....

Donna Karan
Draped jersey and satin-jersey top
Details here.

'Detailed with sleek satin-jersey inserts, Donna Karan's cowl-neck top is a glamorous way to work the label's signature draping. Pair this pale-olive style with a floor sweeping maxi skirt for an effortlessly elegant silhouette.'


I don't think I can add to that except that I love the look. 


  1. I love this shirt, what beautiful draping. Such a lovely outfit.

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Finally we have a little Fall again, the temp dropped from 89 to 65. I can finally get back outside.

    Enjoy, elizabeth

  2. Hi there, and greetings from Summerhill. Hope you don't mind, I added you to my blog:) I was inspired by your post today, and thought we were on the same wavelength. Fall weather here too...cold, windy and rainy. Nice to put a fire on though:) Happy Saturday!

  3. oh, forgot to say it was yesterdays post..Fit to Be Tried:grey matter

  4. Ah, this outfit can leap off the screen right onto me, and I would be a happy woman!

  5. After cleaning out/organizing my fall closet today (it's raining, the perfect chore), I can honestly say...I want/need to pare down to a a more simple style. Love this look.

  6. Love this look! Almost enough to try to track down the pieces. I have a jersey top with similar draping (although not such a delicious neckline) & am thinking I must find a long skirt to pair with it.

  7. That top is so chic. It looks gorgeous with the outfit

  8. Wish I'd be able to pull off such a look!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  9. Draping is so beautiful. Wish I could pull off that outfit.



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