Admiring: Jill Clayburgh

Jill Clayburgh was one of my favourite 70's actresses. 
I loved her style.
Some of you may remember her in the 1978 film, 
 'An Unmarried Woman' with Alan Bates.
If it is new to you, I highly recommend it.

Jill Clayburgh and Diane Keaton were 'the' women to watch back then.
Through the years, I looked for Jill. She appeared in a few
movies but chose to step off screen and spend time 
with her family. In her later years, she performed on Broadway 
and had guest appeared in US television shows.
 Jill passed away in 2010 at the young age of 66.
A woman to admire and remember.
Jill Clayburgh

More on Jill Clayburgh here.

Image: source unknown


  1. Have you seen her daughter, Lily Rabe?
    Wonderful actress. Was recently onstage in New York as Portia in Merchant of Venice opposite Al Pacino as Shylock.



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