A Word About Brooches

I was in one of the Paris flea markets recently and came across large safety pin brooches.
They had a collection of this and that on them and I thought they were charming.
Did I buy one? No, and I kick myself for it too.

At least it gave me a few ideas to work with. The brooch below is a far cry from the
Paris flea market version as it is a Dolce & Gabbana brooch for quite a bit more money
than what I was considering in the flea market. Either way, it has the charm I was looking for
and is a good reminder of what could be.

via Aol Shopping

I think this brooch is equally as charming. I came across it early in my 
blogging days, before noting sources. If anyone recognises it, could you let me know
where I could find it?

Source Unknown

A dream come true if it could be found in a Paris flea market but
I think not, unless you are very lucky.....from Chanel.
via Chanel

Why all this talk about brooches? I came across this little ensemble (below) in
Harvey Nichols in London yesterday. I tool a quick pic...apologies for the
quality. I love the style and was happy to see brooches in play.

I am going to go back...if only to find out more about the cable pullover.
The sales woman said it is not a scarf and it is not a snood. It can be worn
over a coat as shown below, sweaters, dresses etc... I am thinking of all
the possibilities and thinking warm thoughts while I do. I found it at
 Max Mara Weekend and think it is worthy of further investigation. 

via me 

With those warm thoughts I wish you a very happy day/evening
where ever you are in the world. :)


  1. Hmmmm, I'm thinking that would be a lovely knitting project, in Aran-weight Cashmere . . . and I have just the brooch.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love brooches and have such a great time digging through jewelry at antique shops for vintage pieces. They look so wonderful on sweaters and jackets!


  3. Jeanne,
    I love that look of the sweater piece with a brooch attached. Very pretty. The brooches you show are so lovely. I can see myself getting into this idea. Great little adornment, and so French don't you think?
    Sunday xx

  4. I love that and cannot wait to find out more information from you about what it is called. I lpove scarfs, snods, anything like that for Fall and Winter. Love broches too and have been collecting them for 20 years from all over the world and from relatives.

    Those are some beauties that you found. I cannot wait to get to Paris in DEcember and check out all of the beautiful flea markets and jewlery.

    Enjoy your week!

  5. I love brooches too Jeanne and think you definitely HAVE to go back for the wooollen arrangement from Max Mara. Hope you had a wonderful time in London with Susie too. x

  6. I have more brooches than I like to admit:-) I love the pullover.

  7. Funny that you did a post about brooches. I was just putting one together myself, because I've had brooches on the brain lately. I wasn't a brooch girl in my 20's or 30's- they seemed extraneous. But NOW, for a woman of a certain age, they are just the ticket. They draw the eye up, and give sparkle to the face and interest to the outfit, but they don't specifically highlight my less-than-perfect 40-esque features, the way statement earrings or a necklace do. Thanks for a wonderful post! BTW, loved your hat post too!

  8. Thanks to my mum, I am addicted to Brooches! There are so many different styles, and they can go on anything ♥

    The Chanel one is pretty fun!



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