Wild Wellies

If you are coming here via Collage of Life, you will know that I spotted 
these wonderful boots at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, Surrey (UK).

They were designed by the Scandinavian beauty, Ilse Jacobsen- Hornbaek.
I added the boots to my very long list of Boot Love.

Those of you who read Finding my Way... in England will know 
that I have been hot to trot for a pair of  Le Chameau boots
but alas I have not found one one that does it all... yet.
I think another trip to France is in order. :)

My new boots are 100% natural rubber, have a
warm and comfortable cotton fleece lining
and are most importantly are easy to walk in.
The word is that they are 'ideal for outdoor activities,
rainy or snowy days in both urban and suburban settings.'

 As much as I love my boots, my daughters were a bit surprised.
They said they seemed 'a bit wild' for me. I loved that!
I was prepared....

I bought laces in black, cream and red.
If I am going to be wild, I might as well do it in style!

While we are talking style. One daughter
prefers the black laces, the other the cream
and I secretly covet the red.

Which do you prefer?

top two images via Isle Jacobsen-Hornbaek
bottom two images via me


  1. These are wonderful boots! I love the all-black look, myself, but you'll look smashing with the red laces too.

  2. I love these boots. I had seen these a few months ago and thought they were great! I am sure whichever laces you choose will look great!

  3. Wonderful boots Jeanne. Just fabulous - think I like the all black combo best. They are the boots that Sarah Raven wears for gardening I believe! XX

  4. What fabulous boots. l actually like the idea of the red laces. If they don't suit you can change them around to see which look is best for you.

  5. Oh definitely the red laces Jean! ....would love a pair of the camel-colored boots! xx

  6. Oh Jeanne, I feel so proud when Danes get noticed abroad. These boots are amazing - I have had them in brown, grey, purple and have just bought them in black with cream laces this weekend. I live in them all winter long. I hope you'll enjoy them.-)

  7. I like the black laces, they are great for wellies, I really like the style!

  8. I personally only care for the black.
    May be boring to some but to me, very stylish and effortless. The red and the cream both seem to disract from the style and cheapen the look.
    But that's just me. To each their own!



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