A Walk on the Wild Side

The new Toast catalogue arrived in the post today. 
I became a fan of their clothes when we moved to England 
and have a few 'special' items in my wardrobe.

Before I tell you how much I love this dress, belt and bracelet...
I just have to ask.  What do we think of the hair?

I love the shot, it works for me. 
I just can't seem to get past the wildness of the hair. 
Don't get me wrong, on a windy wet day, my hair
does all sorts of strange things. If I lived in a rainforest,
I would be a mess.... but, I don't, thank goodness.

If you were the stylist here, what look would you have gone for?

The details on the wool jersey dress...

A while back I posted about my love for maxi skirts.
I am still in love...this one makes be want to do
the 'twirl'... just to see how if feels. :)

It is a very clever garment...you can wear it as a long skirt, high 
on the waist for a shorter skirt and pulled all the way up for a dress.
Talk about an item that travels well!

Can't say the dress version would work for me, 
although, it looks lovely on her.

What say you?

Would you take a walk on the wild side with the hair in the top photo?
Which of the two items here would you choose?
The dress, the maxi skirt or both?

images via Toast Catalogue 


  1. As you know I love Toast so much. The dress is fab and I kind of like the wild hair and the fact that she is not so typically 'modelly' either. Though it would not work on me! X

  2. I love the hair, but admittedly, I am biased as I have very similar hair in texture and color. In her defense I will say that it takes courage not to flat-iron, dry and otherwise torture extremely textured hair--and very important to be otherwise groomed!--but reflects a personal confidence that I think is fabulous. And the clothes have a very organic beauty that I love.

  3. I love the color of her hair, but definitely not the Medusa styling. That first dress and belt are wonderful! I just received a catalogue from a London company called Poetic. Anyone with insight on their quality, reliability, etc? Is it simply too blah or does it pass for stylish?

  4. I love the dress, love the belt and love the bracelet. The hair is wild and crazy but I have to tell you the model sort of scares me. I do not know why...

    HOpe your weekend is great!

  5. My hair looks like that every time I wash it, thank goodness for GHD's!

  6. Speaking as someone with rather wild hair myself, although of the straight variety, I find this a wee bit Victorian Asylum styling. Looks as though someone might drop a house on her. Dress is lovely, though.

    How I do adore Toast. Wish the shipping charges weren't more than the garments! The pain of living cross the pond.

  7. Hi. I have just discovered your blog via Semi Expat in Oz. Really enjoying your posts and relate to quite a lot. Love the dress and belt - though Ive never been much for wearing belts well. The models curls I love (though I straighten mine!)but not sure on the whole look they have captured - a little scary.

  8. Hello...yes the hair! I noticed it oo - and was struck with how rarely we see a beautiful model with grey hair. Let alone hair that looks that unkept! I like it, I even it showed it to Boo! Dress is fab...Lou x



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