Glam, Bouncy and Rumpled

While we are on the subject of hairstyles...
I enjoyed seeing these few styles under 
allure magazine.

Glam and Bouncy

Rumpled Texture

Half-Up Hair

For me, Glam and Bouncy could happen on a good day,
if I put some thought into it. Half-Up Hair and Rumpled Texture
are my kind of looks as I can do this without even trying. 
Wake up, eyes closed, fish around for my hair clips, toss them in
and voila... I guess I am considered fashionable!
Who knew it could be that easy. :)


  1. Wow, I wish I could do those hairstyles with my eyes closed!

  2. Trust me Carina, there is nothing glam in what I do! Half up, down and twisted around... My kids would call it messy. :)

  3. You make me laugh out loud, somedays without even trying I do an up do and get tons of compliments on the days I make an effort people tell me they like the other hairdo better.

    I am with you..jump out of bed and do what you have to do. As I work from home most all the time I am embarrassed to say I like being in my jammies and and the hair is just what it is...somedays up somedays down.



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