Diane Keaton Style

I have had the Diane Keaton 'do' for years.
Same colour, similar length, the only thing that
varies is the length of the layers. They go up and down 
and that is as bold as I get. 

I have tried shorter and decided it was a 'no go' zone for me.
I just wondered....those of you who are stopping by to look
at the lovely Diane.... what length, shape and colour is your
hairstyle? Do you change it often or have you found what suits you best?

Just a little something I am pondering 
as the wind blows on the first of September. :)

image: smartwaves


  1. Love Diane's style!

  2. Same really as you, and Diane K - again, sometimes a little shorter or longer...At the moment a little shorter but I have gone "too blonde" - wish I had the courage to go all out grey at times! Would certianly be better for my bank balance too. XX

  3. Ah well. As you've seen, Jeanne... mine is long and wild. Good for putting up when it's hot, or wearing down when the wind's blowing! Will I change it someday?... maybe.

  4. Mine is about the same length as Diane's, but blunt-cut with side-swept bangs and very curly. So it flares out into a a triangle shape. I like this-- the geometric shape suits me much better than the wild, nondescript layers I used to have. It's a fairly new look for me, but I do feel like I've found my best hairstyle and I doubt I'll be changing it anytime soon.

  5. I had hair like that for quite some time, now it's long and half gray/half blonde down my back. I'm enjoying the change.

  6. Hi Jeanne, I couldn't help but comment; I had always kept Diane Keaton's hair in mind for my slightly later years! Not now maybe but not far off! However I now see that actually I already have a Diane it's just longer. Same as you, I've kept the layers for years and sometimes vary colour. But ultimately I've had the same do for years and years and I would say that any time I have deviated too far it's been a disaster. The only other option is a bob...like a sharp short bob with a fringe. But it's rather severe on some ladies. Hmmm - hair is tricky isn't it?! Lou x

  7. I love Diane Keaton! I like my hair to be past my shoulders, although it has layers to frame my face, with bangs to hide a large scar that goes across my forehead.It is funny isn't it, how when you get to a certain age you find a looks that suites you and is comfortable and you stay with it? Now if I could just stay ahead of the little gray hairs that keep popping up! If I pull them all I may end up bald.

  8. What color? That would be difficult because I change it all the time-red, screaming red, and reddest! Blonde-ash, stawberry, and really blond, brown-light, medium, dark, length short, long and medium! All of the above, why stick with one look? Mother nature changes her clothes and colors every season and I guess I do too!

  9. I love Diane's do!

    Mine is slightly wilder...masses of reddish curls, below the shoulder. But it wasn't long ago that I had it in a sharp straight cut just below my ears...had to straighten it of course. xxx

  10. I love Diane Keaton and have often emulated her look, especially from her films. Though I do not look good in turtlenecks! But I love her hair in the photo you showed, and I can see that would look so great on you. My hair has actually been getting longer, which my hairdresser has convinced me to do. I wonder as I get older, maybe it actually is more youthful? Hmm...not sure, but one thing I know is that it can make a huge difference in our appearance. I love the hair style you have chosen, so pretty!

  11. I love Diane. I want to be Diane. My hair - well it's a haystack really. It's very long, very thick and used to be dark brown, but is now mostly grey. Which horrifies people - especially hairdressers who advise me to dye it, but I've never felt the desire to do so. Our hair turn grey very early in my family so I've gotten used to it.

  12. A note for Carina- I admire you greatly for the beauty of being yourself! As one grows older, the true beauty is in not deferring to the shallow artifice of social dictates. I am sure your hair is unique and therefore, quite beautiful.
    As for the Diane look, it is hers and therefore, great. I believe we each need our own Diane, which may be long, short, curly, straight, or gray. She is uniquely Diane and we all need to find our own way. That is the freedom of wisdom, isn't it?



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