Wild Wellies

If you are coming here via Collage of Life, you will know that I spotted 
these wonderful boots at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, Surrey (UK).

They were designed by the Scandinavian beauty, Ilse Jacobsen- Hornbaek.
I added the boots to my very long list of Boot Love.

Those of you who read Finding my Way... in England will know 
that I have been hot to trot for a pair of  Le Chameau boots
but alas I have not found one one that does it all... yet.
I think another trip to France is in order. :)

My new boots are 100% natural rubber, have a
warm and comfortable cotton fleece lining
and are most importantly are easy to walk in.
The word is that they are 'ideal for outdoor activities,
rainy or snowy days in both urban and suburban settings.'

 As much as I love my boots, my daughters were a bit surprised.
They said they seemed 'a bit wild' for me. I loved that!
I was prepared....

I bought laces in black, cream and red.
If I am going to be wild, I might as well do it in style!

While we are talking style. One daughter
prefers the black laces, the other the cream
and I secretly covet the red.

Which do you prefer?

top two images via Isle Jacobsen-Hornbaek
bottom two images via me

Proenza Schouler Satchel

I read this morning in Tweetville that the Proenza Schouler PS1 Satchel 
is the new 'it' bag. I had to take a peek. Viewed it, loved it, 
for one simple reason, it looks practical. 

It has a top handle, detachable shoulder strap, 
snap-fastening compartments, fold over flap, two internal 
zip-fastening pockets, external zip-fastening back pocket, 
fully lined in black twill and made in Italy.
Can you sense my excitement?

I could live in this bag but first it must pass the Jeanne test. 
I have to feel the leather and it must be soft and...
I have to pick it up to see how light it is before my whole world goes into it. 
I am seeing iPad, iPhone, Macbook, notebooks, glasses, the works... tucked into this bag.
I imagine it would be great for travel as well. 

The colours, starting from top left:
green leather, royal-blue leather, chestnut leather, toffee calf hair,
black suede, brushed python, teal leather, raspberry suede.

We won't think about the price for the moment...you will cringe
when you find out.

Let's think about which one is your favourite. 
For me it is a toss up between the
toffee and the black. Although....that raspberry suede
is looking pretty special too.

How about you?

All images and details at  NET-A-PORTER

A Word About Brooches

I was in one of the Paris flea markets recently and came across large safety pin brooches.
They had a collection of this and that on them and I thought they were charming.
Did I buy one? No, and I kick myself for it too.

At least it gave me a few ideas to work with. The brooch below is a far cry from the
Paris flea market version as it is a Dolce & Gabbana brooch for quite a bit more money
than what I was considering in the flea market. Either way, it has the charm I was looking for
and is a good reminder of what could be.

via Aol Shopping

I think this brooch is equally as charming. I came across it early in my 
blogging days, before noting sources. If anyone recognises it, could you let me know
where I could find it?

Source Unknown

A dream come true if it could be found in a Paris flea market but
I think not, unless you are very lucky.....from Chanel.
via Chanel

Why all this talk about brooches? I came across this little ensemble (below) in
Harvey Nichols in London yesterday. I tool a quick pic...apologies for the
quality. I love the style and was happy to see brooches in play.

I am going to go back...if only to find out more about the cable pullover.
The sales woman said it is not a scarf and it is not a snood. It can be worn
over a coat as shown below, sweaters, dresses etc... I am thinking of all
the possibilities and thinking warm thoughts while I do. I found it at
 Max Mara Weekend and think it is worthy of further investigation. 

via me 

With those warm thoughts I wish you a very happy day/evening
where ever you are in the world. :)

Lee Radziwell and her Pug

Princess Lee Radziwill with Thomas, her pug, photo by Henry Clarke for Vogue, 1954

I can't help but smile when I look at this image. 
There is no mistaking Princess Lee Radziwell
 as the sister of Jacqueline Kennedy. 
Thomas is a cutie too!

Lee and Jackie shopping in Chelsea, London.
Date unknown.

Top image via Pinterest & Ampersand Design
 Bottom image via Carl Anthony Online

A Walk on the Wild Side

The new Toast catalogue arrived in the post today. 
I became a fan of their clothes when we moved to England 
and have a few 'special' items in my wardrobe.

Before I tell you how much I love this dress, belt and bracelet...
I just have to ask.  What do we think of the hair?

I love the shot, it works for me. 
I just can't seem to get past the wildness of the hair. 
Don't get me wrong, on a windy wet day, my hair
does all sorts of strange things. If I lived in a rainforest,
I would be a mess.... but, I don't, thank goodness.

If you were the stylist here, what look would you have gone for?

The details on the wool jersey dress...

A while back I posted about my love for maxi skirts.
I am still in love...this one makes be want to do
the 'twirl'... just to see how if feels. :)

It is a very clever garment...you can wear it as a long skirt, high 
on the waist for a shorter skirt and pulled all the way up for a dress.
Talk about an item that travels well!

Can't say the dress version would work for me, 
although, it looks lovely on her.

What say you?

Would you take a walk on the wild side with the hair in the top photo?
Which of the two items here would you choose?
The dress, the maxi skirt or both?

images via Toast Catalogue 

Glam, Bouncy and Rumpled

While we are on the subject of hairstyles...
I enjoyed seeing these few styles under 
allure magazine.

Glam and Bouncy

Rumpled Texture

Half-Up Hair

For me, Glam and Bouncy could happen on a good day,
if I put some thought into it. Half-Up Hair and Rumpled Texture
are my kind of looks as I can do this without even trying. 
Wake up, eyes closed, fish around for my hair clips, toss them in
and voila... I guess I am considered fashionable!
Who knew it could be that easy. :)

Diane Keaton Style

I have had the Diane Keaton 'do' for years.
Same colour, similar length, the only thing that
varies is the length of the layers. They go up and down 
and that is as bold as I get. 

I have tried shorter and decided it was a 'no go' zone for me.
I just wondered....those of you who are stopping by to look
at the lovely Diane.... what length, shape and colour is your
hairstyle? Do you change it often or have you found what suits you best?

Just a little something I am pondering 
as the wind blows on the first of September. :)

image: smartwaves


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