Kaftan Love

I might look like an extention of my home furnishings 
in this kaftan but I love it all the same...70's mode and all. 

French thoughs whilst on holiday in the Loire Valley.
I wonder what will come next?

image via The French Eye


  1. Jeanne I hope your having a lovely time in the Loire, have you been to Chenonceau yet? I think that is perhaps my favourite Chateau. A caftan is the only thing to wear down here in The Pyrenees at the moment, 35 degrees Celsius and climbing.

  2. I have never owned a kaftan but have always wanted one. One would of been perfect living here in Houston lounging out by the pool, & a striped one no less. I do remember when they first hit popularity in the 70's
    but I would think they 'never' really left? Wishing you a lovely weekend Jeanne! xo

  3. I don't know if I could pull it off as elegantly as the model. They are beautiful though! I hope you are enjoying your vacation!


  4. Enjoy, enjoy! LOVE the relaxed look of this Kaftan. (and the Zebra stripes too!) XX

  5. Love them, but haven't bought one yet. I'm afraid I would look like a tent and nothing like that model:-D

  6. I worked in Hawaii one time and did wear a caftan, it was our uniform.
    My fellow workers all being Polynesian with long dark hair. Me, with my Irish skin and blonde hair to my waist. They would put my hair in a chignon or top know and secure it with a chop stick. When we went for lunch we always got lots of stares and whispers.
    I feel a caftan should be work with heals for good posture.

  7. Love this post! I purchased a 70's kaftan last year and wear it frequently....at the end of the day, apres bath, wine and cooking. My husband sports a funny grin when I show up in it! Jeanne, who makes current ones?



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