Simply Streisand

'Simply Streisand' (1967)

Recorded 1967 at a live concert,  'A Happening in Central Park' in New York

I came across this You Tube clip of Barbra Streisand and found myself watching it over and over again.
Besides taking me back many years, I was struck by her beauty. Back then, you were either a Barbra
fan you you weren't. I haven't followed her as closely these past years but each time I come across her I am reminded what a remarkably talented and beautiful woman she is.

Taken February 11, 2011
MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute
to Barbra Streisand

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  1. My parents had that "Simply Streisand" album and I listened to it over and over and over. I was 10. This was my first introduction to someone who had a raw talent and to what "music" really is. I've been in love with music in this way ever since.

  2. I was once in a tiny antique shop in Newport, RI. The proprietor, a shy, tweedy little man, told me that Barbra had been in only a few days before. He remarked on how friendly and kind she had been, apparently staying for quite a while in his shop. I've never forgotten that.

    I also think she has the most exquisite hands.

  3. So original.

    I believe she is ever more beautiful today. She has a graciousness about her and I agree with Pamela Terry and Edward about her having beautiful expressive hands
    Thanks for sharing this



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