Pippa Power

I think it's love!
Imagine the face of Pippa Middleton 
when she glanced her eyes upon this gorgeous cover.
I am sure she was absolutely beaming.

All eyes have been on Pippa in London this summer.
Tennis wasn't the only thing on show at Wimbledon.
I hope she manages a well deserved holiday from it all.

The August 2011 issue of Tatler Magazine arrived in my post box first thing this morning, 
I haven't had a chance to read it just yet. At first glance, it look very promising!)

Images via Tatler


  1. Love the Jane Austen reference.

  2. I think she is a beautiful girl but I feel a little sorry for her. The media become like a dog with a bone...they just do not leave her alone. And yet at the same time they say she is a publicity hound. Poor thing cannot win.


  3. I wish her well and love your reference...well done.



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