Gardening Style

How do you tend your garden? Do you throw on old clothes and make a day of it
or do you get out there, every now and again, tending to this and that, not paying 
much attention to what you are wearing? I tend to do the latter. I have a feeling that 
the two women below might have had the same idea.

Lady Birley looks like she used to make a day of it although her shoes
tell a different story. I love this photo...from her hat to her shoes.

Cecily 'Parsley' Mure didn't seem to mind that she was 
wearing silk whilst watering her alpine trough. Admittedly, it is a small
alpine trough, but still...I like her gardening style. She looks mindful.

These images above are from the book, 'Garden People'  Valerie Finnnis and the Golden Age of Gardening by Ursula Buchan. Valerie Finnis was a keen gardener and well known photographer within the gardening world. She loved gardening and her eclectic circle of contemporaries and friends that lived within that world. She left some 50,000 transparencies, taken between 1950-1990.

Valerie Finnis appearing in World of Interiors magazine. 
If ever there were a hat to love, this has to be it! 
Photo beautifully taken by Jan Baldwin.


  1. For work - Bug hat, white socks pulled up over jeans (reminder - ticks!), garden clogs, long sleeve shirt...I go for the scarecrow effect, hoping I keep the insects and whatever else at bay! Wandering my old NH garden in the mornings was always best in my robe, but now that I'm in a townhouse, that too would scare everyone and everything! Reminder, must buy a silk evening gown and a pair of mules! Or hmmm, palazzzo pants!!!

  2. Cecily Mure wearing silk to water her plants...class! Love it! That book looks like it could be a very stylish addition to my collection ;-) xo

  3. Wonderful, wonderful photographs -- I must look for this book.
    I once had the fabulous Artemisia 'Valerie Finnis' in my garden, though I lost it quite a few winters ago. It was a great plant, but I admit I never gave much thought to its namesake 'til now.

    I have an old longsleeve shirt of my husband's that I keep by the back door to throw over whatever I'm wearing, and generally try to throw on something to keep the spiders out of my hair, either a ball cap or a wide-brimmed straw hat, obviously nothing approaching the glamour of these photos -- time to step up my game, I guess.

  4. Love these photos! I have a weakness for eccentric women gardeners, and love their stories. I know about this book and now will have to buy it. By the way, have you read "Elizabeth and Her German Garden" by Elizabeth Von Armin? No photos, though I can imagine how she probably dressed, but a charming story about a woman who loves her garden. I think you will love it.

  5. These ladies look really great. I love her outfits...especially her hats!
    I'm more dressed like a scarecrow ... haha. I always wear old clothes when gardening. Jeans, striped socks, red garden clogs and an old shirt from my hubby:)

    Hope your having a great summer.
    Gaby xo

  6. I've been gardening a lot this summer. In various eccentric ensembles, but always with a hat!!



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