The Cashmere Travelwrap

I stepped off a 27 hour flight from Sydney to London today. A trip I know well. 
I have rules when I travel. My first rule is to follow my travel list. I created it 
years ago and it is the first thing to come out when I plan my wardrobe. 

I have lots of thoughts on the perfect travel gear and it always seems to be changing.
The one thing that has been consistent this past year is the Scottish cashmere wrap
I picked up from The Travelwrap Company

Off the shoulders for breezy summer evenings, up and over the shoulder 
for a distinct chill in the air and for those very frosty occasions, I do
a double twirl around the neck. It also works as the perfect travel companion
on those long distance flights when you need that 'something extra' to get to sleep.

Soft to the touch, generous in size and so very light.
My colour of choice is Otter, as shown above. I have my eye
on the French Navy next. The perfect shade of blue.

I admit it is a splurge but if you can have just one,
check out the Scottish cashmere Travelwrap

PS..Just so you know,
I only write about the things I love.
No sponsors, no advertising..
just my love. :)


  1. Jeanne - welcome home
    Your cashmere wrap is beautiful and yet so functional. I will be putting one on my Christmas list. The french blue is also very attractive and a flattering colour when one is on a long flight such as your recent trip.
    Wishing you a good sleep and rest.
    Helen xx

  2. Dear Jeanne,

    I began follow your blog a few months ago. I love the natural beauty you show here and the softness of your words. Thank you so much for sare with us your delicate taste.

    I loved your cashmere wrap! I agree with you in all the functionalities it gave us when we travel. I wear pashminas when I do it for the same reason; it gives me comfort and warmness too. I will visit that web site and see more stuff.

    Have a good rest!


  3. Oh, I love wraps like that! And then make it cashmere? Mmm....

    The otter is the perfect neutral, but I can also see why the blue has your eye! Lovely.


  4. I never get on a plane without one.
    But I don't know if I'd survive a 27 hour flight. I might have to be sedated.
    Glad you are home safe!



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