The Cashmere Travelwrap

I stepped off a 27 hour flight from Sydney to London today. A trip I know well. 
I have rules when I travel. My first rule is to follow my travel list. I created it 
years ago and it is the first thing to come out when I plan my wardrobe. 

I have lots of thoughts on the perfect travel gear and it always seems to be changing.
The one thing that has been consistent this past year is the Scottish cashmere wrap
I picked up from The Travelwrap Company

Off the shoulders for breezy summer evenings, up and over the shoulder 
for a distinct chill in the air and for those very frosty occasions, I do
a double twirl around the neck. It also works as the perfect travel companion
on those long distance flights when you need that 'something extra' to get to sleep.

Soft to the touch, generous in size and so very light.
My colour of choice is Otter, as shown above. I have my eye
on the French Navy next. The perfect shade of blue.

I admit it is a splurge but if you can have just one,
check out the Scottish cashmere Travelwrap

PS..Just so you know,
I only write about the things I love.
No sponsors, no advertising..
just my love. :)

Gardening Style

How do you tend your garden? Do you throw on old clothes and make a day of it
or do you get out there, every now and again, tending to this and that, not paying 
much attention to what you are wearing? I tend to do the latter. I have a feeling that 
the two women below might have had the same idea.

Lady Birley looks like she used to make a day of it although her shoes
tell a different story. I love this photo...from her hat to her shoes.

Cecily 'Parsley' Mure didn't seem to mind that she was 
wearing silk whilst watering her alpine trough. Admittedly, it is a small
alpine trough, but still...I like her gardening style. She looks mindful.

These images above are from the book, 'Garden People'  Valerie Finnnis and the Golden Age of Gardening by Ursula Buchan. Valerie Finnis was a keen gardener and well known photographer within the gardening world. She loved gardening and her eclectic circle of contemporaries and friends that lived within that world. She left some 50,000 transparencies, taken between 1950-1990.

Valerie Finnis appearing in World of Interiors magazine. 
If ever there were a hat to love, this has to be it! 
Photo beautifully taken by Jan Baldwin.

Purple Paisley Palazzo Pants

This may be one of those purchases I will regret for the rest of my life.
This may be one of those purchases that never makes it out of my closet.
But...I just had to do it. Call it yearning for nostalgia, call it a 70's moment.
I just had to have these purple paisley palazzo pants. 

My daughter and I spent this rainy Sunday afternoon shopping.
River Island is always the first stop and I groan every time. 
It  is not a store for says 'young girl' on every rack, 
something which I am not. 
I was just about to nip out of the store and tell her to text me 
when she was done....when I spotted the pants. Instant love.
I thought...what harm could it do just to try them on? I have time to kill.
I grabbed the purple blouse next to it and headed for the changing room.

Hair up, dangling earrings and I was ready 
for a martini to come gliding past the dressing room curtain. 
I texted my daughter, "come quick, tell my what you think".
I stepped outside of the curtain and before I could blink, 
'MOM! No! Where would you wear those pants?' she said. 
She looked genuinely worried that I would be recognised as her mother.
The answer was easy, I said, "Cocktails...on an island, a remote island.
Where nobody knows my name." 
She shook her head with that 'crazy woman' look in her eyes.
She agreed that the blouse worked and that was all.

She then carried on with her shopping and I carried on to the
checkout counter. In my bag purple paisley palazzo pants 
and one purple blouse.  They may not make it to an exotic island 
but there is no harm in pretending around the house. 
I can hear the jingle of that cocktail shaker already.
"Shaken not stirred, please"

images via River Island

The Royal Couple....

Photo: Toby Melville/Reuters

Looking happy and relaxed, something both William and Catherine, 
the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, seem to do so well. 
Her Jenny Packham.

Simple Travel Outfit

Simple travel outfit...mix and match all three colours
with a few scarves and the travelling is easy.
At any age.
But for me, brim down :)
Thanks to Ageless Beauty Always
and facehunter


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