What will you be wearing this summer?

January 1974
Photograph by Oliviero Toscani

I picked up this card in a shop the other day.
I liked the description on the back of the card.
It all seems so simple when you look at a wardrobe this way.

The Albini Bird
What you'll be wearing
if you're an Albini bird.
Shirts looser.
Sleeves shorter.
Hats all the time.
Sandals flat.
Skirts long.
Busy gloves and hats.
Small spots and narrow stripes 
through to checks and big squares.
A circle of black linen skirt, 
peep-toe sandals one-inch high,
black and white, straight from Milan.


My Own Bird
Shirts loose.
Sleeves rolled.
Jackets linen.
Cardigans cashmere.
Skirts long.
Scarves sheer.
Pants capri.
Jeans rolled.
Hat straw.
Sandals flat.
Jewelry simple.
Sunglasses tortoiseshell.

Tweet Tweet :)

What are you wearing this summer?

card via cardmix


  1. I'm headed out to a garden tour this afternoon.
    Skinny navy trousers. Fabulous navy linen jacket...new! White tee underneath. Flat shoes. My wonderful new sun hat! Plum lipstick and a smile!

  2. Pamela, I bet you are a picture of loveliness too!!
    I bought a navy linen jacket this week and wondering why I did not think to do so sooner. I love it!

  3. pants capri
    scarves linen
    vests linen
    shoes/sandals flats
    tees striped or white
    sweaters loose
    shirts mens
    totes large
    earrings hoops
    jeans cropped
    bracelets silver
    colors basic, but a pop here and there

    when summer finally comes....

  4. Khaki style shorts
    Light colored t-shirts
    cotton skirts
    flip flops or Sperry sandals
    sport shoes or Keds
    Sunblock, hat, sunglasses
    bracelets I've made

  5. Jeanne,

    What a great postcard! I could wear those clothes.

    I love and will be wearing A line dresses, and skirts, long shorts, ballet flats, T shirts, sandals, linen pants, and hats to keep the sun off! I love to wear the classics of summer!

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