Beauty Notes: Laura Mercier

There is nothing to set me apart from any other 50 plus woman on the street but I do like good make-up and with each passing year I find it a greater challenge to find products to suit me. I call it midlife beauty in retreat. A few months ago I wrote about putting your best face forward, here. I mentioned my frustration over finding a make-up consultant that I could put my faith in. They were all too young, were to quick to give me 'the latest' and could not relate to my plight (midlife beauty).

I am happy to report that I persevered and met two women who have been more than helpful. I now  have two great consultants and a few 'reliables' in the Laura Mercier make up range that I can no longer do without.

I have Kamanza behind the Laura Mercier counter at Harvey Nichols in London to thank for giving me 'the talk' on foundation and lip colour. With a few tweaks here and there I finally found the right products for me, Hydrating Foundation Primer and Creme Smooth Foundation applied with a Sponge. Using all three gave the finish I was looking for. Sigh of relief.

Kamanza also took the time to help me find better shades of lip colour. We talked about clothes, fashion and bad hair days.  I left with a few shades of Lip Plumper and Creme Lip Colour to give me an extra lift. With my credit card in despair, I had to stop. As I left, she mentioned working on my eyebrows next. Of course, I have been able to think of nothing else since.

Yesterday, I had an hour to spare before the Chelsea Flower Show and thought I would test my luck once more.  I stopped in at the Laura Mercier counter in the  Peter Jones store on Sloane Square and met Jamie, another good listener.  I mentioned Kamanza's comment about my eyebrows and got the all knowing smile in return. When she said she could take 5 years off me, she had my full attention. She first sent me across the aisle to 'Blink' to have my eyebrows threaded. This was a totally new concept to me but I thought why not...5 years? I'll take it. I asked a million questions, laid back, and watched as the woman wielded her threads ( a spool of regular sewing thread) in whizz bang fashion. I sat up, looked in the mirror and was pleased and relieved. It was an improvement.

 Sartorial Male, review on Blink, here

I then headed back to Jamie at Laura Mercier. Jamie showed me the trick to touching up eyebrows with the Eye Brow Pencil .  Did you know there are three points on our eyebrow that we should look for when defining our brows?  Jamie added soft flicks of natural colour followed by a brush. I felt like a new woman.

How to, here

She had another suggestion and put me on to a great tip for those of us who with thinning eyelashes ( a phenomenon of midlife beauty).  Laura Mercier makes a great product, Tightline Cake Eye Liner which you apply with the Flat Eye Liner Brush. It can go under the lash line and just on top, depending on the look you want to create. I love this product because it eliminates the 'draw on' factor which can look a bit tragic if you can not draw with precision.

There you have it, a few Beauty Notes...hope there are one or two ideas in here for you too!

Jeanne xx

Laura Mercier products here


  1. Hi lovely lady.
    Thanks so much for your beauty notes on Eye Brows !!! Im one of your followers on your lovely blog sweet lady. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my Tablescapes so sweet of you.
    I hope you have a Great Weekend with your family.
    I hope are followers will all come back to us on our Blogs!!! I see yours are miss also.

  2. I love Laura Mercier. But what about blonde eyebrows??? I am plagued with them. Eyebrow colour seem to make me look vaguely humourous. Not the looks I'm going for.

  3. Oh, and by the way... there is plenty to set you "apart from any other 50 plus woman on the street"! Few can match your loveliness and elegance! I'm just sayin'.

  4. Thank you for this post. I have been using Laura Mercier
    tinted moisturizer as a lighter summer alternative to
    foundation and I love it! How are the lip products in regard to bleeding and feathering on aging lips???
    Enjoy this lovely weekend!

  5. Hi Pavlova..I find the creme lipstick works really well to avoid that problem. The lip plumper is heaven on a stick to me :)

  6. Pamela..try the blonde eyebrow stick. I have that one and it is fairly light. Thx for just sayin :) Very kind! xx

  7. I'll second this. Can't believe I paid forty two dollars for foundaion...but I did and it is amazing. My first LM product.
    Got mine at Nordstrom's.

  8. So wonderful when you find someone who listens and relates... Love the idea of threading too. Am all in favour of tightlining. Daughter taught me how to do it properly after her makeup course (it was part of their lessons on mature age makeup!) It works! X

  9. Every woman should peruse the cosmetic counters at Saks or Neiman's (U.S.) once every five years. Nothing ages like bad makeup. True, one must be wary of youngsters trying to talk you into the trends, but you can always find at least one person you can related to. And a new fragrance never hurts, either!



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