A Spanish Beauty

In the spirit of Spanish fashion, photographed by 
Gordon Parks in 1950. A beautiful photograph. 
A look that could just as easily work today, all of it!

image via The Gloss


  1. These last two posts have me thinking...yes, I feel a sadness and yearning for a time gone by. With so few exceptions, "Classic, elegance, grace" are rarely the words I think of when looking at style today.

  2. Itztru... It's true! (that was fun:))
    I think we are just going to have to do it ourselves!
    Love that necklace....makes me want to rummage thru a big flea market in search of a golden treasure :)

  3. Earring, not one but two interesting necklaces and a bracelet, yet somehow not overdone. Perhaps it's all about quality!

    Oh how I wish we had a big flea market here! The hunt was my favorite way to pass the time when I lived in N.H. as there were so many antique/unique shops clustered in every direction. The flea markets I loved as a child have gone by the wayside and are now full of tables selling tube socks and lots of plastic.

    PS - My other thought when looking at these photos was how swan-like they all appear.



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