Tropical Purple Passion @ Dior

I really shouldn't, but.... there is something
about these glasses. I love them!
A little purple passion in my life right now 
could bejust the ticket....
or it could be hormones talking.

Karlie Kloss is featured in the Dior Spring 2011
adverting campaign with Steven Meisel 
creating his magic behind the lens. 

Great colour!

On that note, this is for you :)
 'South Pacific' 

Images via Dior
Video via You Tube


  1. that's my song!
    "i'm gonna wash that man right outta' my hair!"

  2. Is it hormones...or cabin fever? Any more snow in Vermont and I'll be knocking you over to get to the glasses first, as well as purchasing a one way ticket to the South Pacific! Love, love this movie and soundtrack.

  3. I agree! There's something about those glasses!



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