The Psychology of a Hat

Do you wear hats?
There is something about a hat that just feels right to me. 
When the hat goes on and the sunglasses slip into place I feel
like I could walk on air. There must be a psychology to a hat.
Have hat...will travel.... have life. can't be just any hat. 
For me, it is all in the brim. It must have a good peeking factor.
The look that is all Audrey, the one that says...yes, darling?
In the summer, the larger the brim the better.

Jasper Conran and top photo

A wide brim hat comes out for sun protection and parties.
Wise women instinctively know this.  :)

Then, there is the playful hat.
The one you need to take you from A to B with ease.
Around the garden, in the car, thru the shops...
it can take you anywhere.

Hands down, Diane Keaton
 has the best attitude in a playful hat.

All hats aside, my all time favourite is the Panama hat.
Gender specification not required, I will wear either.

For me, it may have started with Lauren Hutton...

or maybe it was Angelica Huston.

Personal Postcard

It  could have been Ralph Lauren.

No matter who it is for,
when it was made or how you work it...

the Panama hat wins hands down for me.

Her Blog

Any variation will do...

How about you?

Our very own, gorgeous fellow blogger, Angie Muresan
has offered this photo of her in her hat. It speaks volumes!
She looks fabulous ;)

Do you have a photo of you in a hat?
If you would like to add it, leave a comment. :)


  1. We don't wear hats much here...I hate to say that women don baseball hats to keep the sun out of their eyes...not very fashionable. It's fun to wear a nice wool cap in the winter, but for fun events...not so much!


  2. I love hats...but once on, cannot be taken off. Hat hair I do not love! You know what I'm talking about!?

  3. As you know from my profile pic. and from my posts on them, I LOVE a panama hat, Jeanne. Rather like that Jasper Conran hat too in your post - how stylish - perfect for an English Summer wedding..XX

  4. Ah, love this one, Jeanne. I'm a Panama hat from way back.

    It's been so fascinating to watch the pixies have to wear a sunhat and sunscreen in Sydney all year round. Something we never had to do in the 1970s.

    Then since we've moved to Hobart, the rules have changed. They only have to wear a sunhat until the end of April then it's hats free for 6 months. The reason? Many children have been showing a deficiency of vitamin A and there are even cases of rickets in Australia! It fascinates me. J x

  5. Dear Jeanne,

    I have found out your blogs now and I love them! Congratulations and see you in your next post!


  6. You have seen my white face!
    A sun hat is an absolute must in my life!

  7. As a lover of hats, I say start the movement to bring them back! And, for men too!--Joe

  8. Wouldn't it be great if men and women began to wear hats again. Unfortunately, I have a gigantic head:-D so it's not easy to find a hat for me, but I would love to wear one every day.

  9. What a lovely tribute to the hat, Jeanne! I'm on the lookout for a panama hat myself, for the summer.

    P.S. Of course you may add my photo if you'd like.

  10. What I would like to know is- 1. I'm short and shall we say zoftig (plumpish)! What kind can I wear???? Love the whole idea, lack the know how and maybe confidence!

  11. Every stitch and every detail make each hat a different character, a character for you to become. Hats are bold, bold as love. best, Melissa @ scraphats



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