Grace Kelly and 'Rear Window'

I have been struggling with this blog a bit...trying to decide what it means to me. It is fashion but it is not....really, it is more about style but not necessarily today's style. I guess it comes down to what style means to me and you. That is where it gets complicated.
Some may say it is a bit old fashioned or outdated. That's just means that it is not for them. I think there are a few of us...who loved that old Hollywood glamour...when women had elegance, grace and poise on the big screen. They were smart, sassy and ruled the day. Something I find hard to find in many of today's female film stars.   There are exceptions...Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett are two that come to mind.  I just wish there were more coming thru the ranks but I digress...what I want to talk about it is style.
Grace Kelly was a film star that rises to the top for me. She is tied up in memories of movie nights at home with my father and of my early days dating Mr. H. One of our first dates was the full screening of Rear Window in a small cinema in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. I had never seen the movie before.
Sitting in that dark theater...thinking of my handsome date beside me, I could not help lose all train of thought when Grace Kelly came on the screen, large as life. You could hear a pin drop in the theater in between the utter sigh of astonishment. She was captivating.

and that camera there such a thing as lens lust?

I am digressing here it is, I saw this and thought
yes, there it is a woman with
So there she sits at the top of my blog. I hope I have given
credit where credit is due. These photos seem to travel around
the blogosphere quite a bit...losing credit along the way.

The clincher for me was this shot...
and this...
Jeans and penny loafers....and I have to believe 
there was some cashmere laying around there somewhere :)

So...what do you think of the Hollywood sirens of yesteryear.
Do you consider the style outdated?
If not, who else would do you think
has that

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  1. Oh, squealing in Hobart, Jeanne! What a perfect choice in Grace Kelly. I adore this post. J x

  2. outdated?
    absolutely never.
    real grace, femininity, good grooming, modesty in dress and accessories - all these come into play when i think of style.
    grace kelly was just lovely.
    and that is my kind of style!

  3. You had me at loafers and jeans!! I swoon for classics(including Grace Kelly)Ingrid, Lauren Bacall, Hepburn (Audrey and Katherine), Candace Bergen, Jean Seberg. And for today, Cate B., Tilda Swinton, Ines de la Fressange and Michelle Williams for their quiet style.

  4. She was pure Main Line perfection, wasn't she? And that voice! I myself was always, and forever, besotted with Katharine Hepburn. From that sleek wedding dress in The Philadelphia Story (my favourite movie... I can almost quote the entire thing. A great party trick, by the way) to the fifties look of Summertime, all the way to that great white shirt in On Golden Pond. Loved her.

  5. I always wanted to look glam like grace kelly when she rides in a convertible.

    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof had great fashion too :)

  6. Oh, Grace....when you look it up in the dictionary, or Wiki, you see that she was the epitome in so many ways. What a real princess. To me next-door glamour.

    I have a real soft spot in my heart for Grace Kelly, she reminds me so much of my mother, she was a natural blonde beauty who died way before her time too.

    Now, where are my penny loafers!? Great Post.

  7. Love Grace Kelly. Love the new title photo.
    The picture of her kneeling and praying in her wedding dress is one of the most beautiful pictures ever.
    Love Rear Window - love James Stewart! I get hooked every time I catch it on the TV - but it's so scary! The scene when she is in the apartment of the guy in the other building (not revealing too much for people who haven't seen it)!

    Old Hollywood style will never be outdated.

  8. Really nice dresses and good collections.

  9. I always liked Audrey in Charade with Cary Grant. I grew up on Hitchcock, but I never really got into Grace Kelly--for me, I preferred Tippy or Kim Novak (never Doris Day), but I always adored Jimmy Stewart. When I think of movie stars that have that red carpet aura it's Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, and Cate Blanchett.



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