Ready for Takeoff

I was reading the morning paper this morning and was struck by this ad.
First...I love the leather jacket ( a surprise to me) and second...
I love the watch (not a surprise to me).  Leather and Rolex..has a nice ring to it.

I decided that this jacket would be worth losing weight for :)
I can think of many women, 50 plus, who would look great in it...
Why not me? One can dream can't she?

I have never owned a Rolex watch. Another
one of life's little aspirations :) The one on the left is
pretty smart but I think the one on the right is perfect.

My watch at the moment?
A Bulova which is a lot less than a Rolex :)

In fact, this little beauty has served me well for many years.
But still...that Rolex is mighty fine!

Just had to do one last thing this morning... a little peek at net-a-porter
for leather's my choice. 

Rick Owens design here

Alice Temperley design here
This one looks like it might be a bit more forgiving around the hips :)

Hope you are having a great day :)

Top images, a Rolex advertisement
in the  Financial Times.


  1. The leather jacket on the model is fabulous...I love the belted waist. I have an old Rolex but I don't wear it as the leather strap is showing wear and I don't want it to break. I'm not sure what it would cost now to replace it!


  2. This post has left me with mixed feelings Jeanne. I owned a Rolex for many years, only to have it ripped from my wrist while sitting in my car at a traffic light in Sheppard's Bush (in front of the BBC) by a young man who opened the car door and assaulted me. The watch was a present from my husband and meant a great deal to me. Obviously, said young man sold it for a fraction of it's material worth and a nano-fraction of its emotional worth to support whatever habit he was suffering from at the time. This all happened 7 years ago and I haven't owned a watch until this Christmas when I convinced hubby to give me a Swiss Army watch.



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