Dame Elizabeth Taylor

To remember Elizabeth Taylor is to remember the great
love of her life, Richard Burton. 

Remembering Dame Elizabeth Taylor

One of the great actresses of Hollywood's golden age.

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  1. Hi lovely lady.
    She was and always be a Beautiful Lady. Elizabeth Taylor was a great Actresses of the Hollywood's golden age !!! We will miss her ~~ She was godchild and he need's her now. Fair will sweet lady and rest in peace ~~~

  2. Oh yes, Jeanne....I saw a lot of her movies in my youth. Great personalities, both of them.
    Wonderful images....Beate XX

  3. Wow, I didn't realize she died until I saw your post. So sad. :(
    Seems like she's always been there would always be.

  4. This news truly saddened me. She is such a beautiful woman. I read a great book last summer about her and Richard Burton's love affair called 'Furious Love'. The drama and intensity of their love was addicting, I couldn't put it down.

    Great phots of her.

    Trish :)

  5. I was in a board meeting this morning when a gentleman with his ipad in front of him burst out "Elizabeth Taylor died". The one man in a room of ladies!

    Trish...I'll have to look for the book "Furious Love"!

  6. That first photo almost made me cry...her beauty like her life was so intense, I found it difficult sometimes to actually look at her face...such incredible beauty!



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