Channeling Wide Trousers and Katharine Hepburn Style

What do we think of the wide leg trouser? They say it is a throw back to the 70's
but I remember wearing them well into the 80's and squeaking into the 90's.
I admit I was a big fan of the wide leg trouser way back when. 
 In fact, when it came time to let go, I secretly hid a pair of Max Mara trousers 
that I bought years ago. The price was right and I decided to just wait it out. 
Not sure if they still fit but they look great :)

I had a Kate thing going on back then. 
I regularly channeled her easy, casual style.

Great pants, great shirt and I love those wedge shoes.
If I had seen a pair of those on my shopping excursion
yesterday, I would have snapped them up.

Curious to know, were you ever a wide trouser fan
and would you wear them again?

For all you Katharine Hepburn fans....


  1. Yes, I wore them! It might take a little getting used to again, but they were so comfortable. I'm crazy about Kate's shoes in that black and white photograph!!!

  2. Love the pictures of Katharine Hepburn. She was a great beauty. We wore the wide leg in high school which was the early 70's for me. Not too much after. I do like the look!


  3. Yes, I would definitely wear them. It's all about how they drape! I'm not sure about denim, but the last two photos are a perfect example of fit. Timeless!

    I purchased a pair of Eileen Fisher grey flannel wide leg trousers with a cuff last year. I've not worn them yet...and I think it's because I need the right shoe. Ah...A wedge!

  4. Not a fan of the wide leg. While they skim the thighs nicely they make me look too hippy (hips not flowerchild. I think they only suit the Katherine H thin.

  5. I have just found your blog and love it -- and looove your photographs. What a treat :)

  6. I'm a big fan of the wide leg. Always have been and haven't stopped wearing them. To my mum;s funeral last week, I wore my very favourite black wide legged trousers from Banana Republic. Hope the Max Mara ones still fit you!

  7. Have got to say, Jeanne yes, I DO love a wide leg trouser but not sure I could do a tucked in shirt nowadays!! XX (from Semi Expat Sarah)

  8. Katharine is one of my top favorite actresses and I forgot how much I love her style until I saw this post. Love it, I'll certainly be pulling out my wide leg trousers this week!

  9. I don't wear them everyday, but I love whenever I do wear them.



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