Channeling Wide Trousers and Katharine Hepburn Style

What do we think of the wide leg trouser? They say it is a throw back to the 70's
but I remember wearing them well into the 80's and squeaking into the 90's.
I admit I was a big fan of the wide leg trouser way back when. 
 In fact, when it came time to let go, I secretly hid a pair of Max Mara trousers 
that I bought years ago. The price was right and I decided to just wait it out. 
Not sure if they still fit but they look great :)

I had a Kate thing going on back then. 
I regularly channeled her easy, casual style.

Great pants, great shirt and I love those wedge shoes.
If I had seen a pair of those on my shopping excursion
yesterday, I would have snapped them up.

Curious to know, were you ever a wide trouser fan
and would you wear them again?

For all you Katharine Hepburn fans....

Grace Kelly and 'Rear Window'

I have been struggling with this blog a bit...trying to decide what it means to me. It is fashion but it is not....really, it is more about style but not necessarily today's style. I guess it comes down to what style means to me and you. That is where it gets complicated.
Some may say it is a bit old fashioned or outdated. That's just means that it is not for them. I think there are a few of us...who loved that old Hollywood glamour...when women had elegance, grace and poise on the big screen. They were smart, sassy and ruled the day. Something I find hard to find in many of today's female film stars.   There are exceptions...Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett are two that come to mind.  I just wish there were more coming thru the ranks but I digress...what I want to talk about it is style.
Grace Kelly was a film star that rises to the top for me. She is tied up in memories of movie nights at home with my father and of my early days dating Mr. H. One of our first dates was the full screening of Rear Window in a small cinema in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. I had never seen the movie before.
Sitting in that dark theater...thinking of my handsome date beside me, I could not help lose all train of thought when Grace Kelly came on the screen, large as life. You could hear a pin drop in the theater in between the utter sigh of astonishment. She was captivating.

and that camera there such a thing as lens lust?

I am digressing here it is, I saw this and thought
yes, there it is a woman with
So there she sits at the top of my blog. I hope I have given
credit where credit is due. These photos seem to travel around
the blogosphere quite a bit...losing credit along the way.

The clincher for me was this shot...
and this...
Jeans and penny loafers....and I have to believe 
there was some cashmere laying around there somewhere :)

So...what do you think of the Hollywood sirens of yesteryear.
Do you consider the style outdated?
If not, who else would do you think
has that

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10, You Tube

The Psychology of a Hat

Do you wear hats?
There is something about a hat that just feels right to me. 
When the hat goes on and the sunglasses slip into place I feel
like I could walk on air. There must be a psychology to a hat.
Have hat...will travel.... have life. can't be just any hat. 
For me, it is all in the brim. It must have a good peeking factor.
The look that is all Audrey, the one that says...yes, darling?
In the summer, the larger the brim the better.

Jasper Conran and top photo

A wide brim hat comes out for sun protection and parties.
Wise women instinctively know this.  :)

Then, there is the playful hat.
The one you need to take you from A to B with ease.
Around the garden, in the car, thru the shops...
it can take you anywhere.

Hands down, Diane Keaton
 has the best attitude in a playful hat.

All hats aside, my all time favourite is the Panama hat.
Gender specification not required, I will wear either.

For me, it may have started with Lauren Hutton...

or maybe it was Angelica Huston.

Personal Postcard

It  could have been Ralph Lauren.

No matter who it is for,
when it was made or how you work it...

the Panama hat wins hands down for me.

Her Blog

Any variation will do...

How about you?

Our very own, gorgeous fellow blogger, Angie Muresan
has offered this photo of her in her hat. It speaks volumes!
She looks fabulous ;)

Do you have a photo of you in a hat?
If you would like to add it, leave a comment. :)

Dame Elizabeth Taylor

To remember Elizabeth Taylor is to remember the great
love of her life, Richard Burton. 

Remembering Dame Elizabeth Taylor

One of the great actresses of Hollywood's golden age.

Images: 1, 2, 3

Ready for Takeoff

I was reading the morning paper this morning and was struck by this ad.
First...I love the leather jacket ( a surprise to me) and second...
I love the watch (not a surprise to me).  Leather and Rolex..has a nice ring to it.

I decided that this jacket would be worth losing weight for :)
I can think of many women, 50 plus, who would look great in it...
Why not me? One can dream can't she?

I have never owned a Rolex watch. Another
one of life's little aspirations :) The one on the left is
pretty smart but I think the one on the right is perfect.

My watch at the moment?
A Bulova which is a lot less than a Rolex :)

In fact, this little beauty has served me well for many years.
But still...that Rolex is mighty fine!

Just had to do one last thing this morning... a little peek at net-a-porter
for leather's my choice. 

Rick Owens design here

Alice Temperley design here
This one looks like it might be a bit more forgiving around the hips :)

Hope you are having a great day :)

Top images, a Rolex advertisement
in the  Financial Times.

Vintage Jewelry, Flea Markets and a Great Find

You can tell a lot about a person by the jewelry they wear.
Some prefer none at all and others can't leave the house
without a bit of bling. I envy the women who wear
pearls day in and day out no matter the outfit.
It is one of those things I have tried but it isn't quite me.

What I do have a passion for is decorative jewelry.
Just a few interesting pieces to zip up an outfit. 
I like the conversation pieces..the sort of things
that draw the eye and encourage a question.

The trick is finding these little treasures. 
There are strict rules in my book. One is that 
they can not be from a department store. 
One of a kind is the best sort of kind.

Better yet, is to find something in a flea market or that 
special little vintage store that beckons you in. Some of us like
to sift and touch and feel and try it on and all the while
we feel as giddy as a school girl. Do you know the feeling?

There may be nothing at all....but the fun is in hunt.

Just like today. I started off in one direction with this post and 
and discovered something even better.  When I saw this image of 
Melody Rodgers, I knew I was on to something interesting. 
I still can't take my eyes off her watch and bracelets.

Melody re-designs antique jewelry and has a great eye for interesting pieces. 
She learned from the best, her mother. The Melody Rodgers Collection is
sold in her New York showroom at the Manhattan Art and Antique Center.
I know where I am going the next time in New York :)

In the meantime, you can find me
wandering market stalls and second hand
shops....searching for that one piece
that needs a home, with me.

More on one of a kind finds here

Tropical Purple Passion @ Dior

I really shouldn't, but.... there is something
about these glasses. I love them!
A little purple passion in my life right now 
could bejust the ticket....
or it could be hormones talking.

Karlie Kloss is featured in the Dior Spring 2011
adverting campaign with Steven Meisel 
creating his magic behind the lens. 

Great colour!

On that note, this is for you :)
 'South Pacific' 

Images via Dior
Video via You Tube


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