Putting your best face forward...

I am curious to know what you think about makeup.
My thinking is that a fresh face is the best face. 
Mastering the art of applying makeup in these years of my life 
intrigues me, yet escapes me. 

Here are a few that I put in the fresh face category.
They all have the less is more approach to makeup and it looks great.

Actress, Jessica Biel

Actress, Eva Mendes

Actress, Julianne Moore

Actress, Cate Blanchett

Actress, Sharon Stone

Actress, Dame Helen Mirren

Now...wouldn't life be wonderful if it were all this easy! I have been doing the walk and doing the talk around makeup counters for years. Thru our 20's and 30's it is fairly straightforward. Women in this age group can identify with the brand models and the beauticians behind the counter. They are all roughly the same age. They are talking the same language.

I think with good skin you can even sail thru most of your 40's with ease. This is assuming that you have taken good care of your skin from the get go. 

Tell me, what happens when you hit your 50's and beyond? Did I miss something? I wander makeup aisles these days and feel lost.  I don't think the 20 something's understand my need to diminish fine lines and all the other lovelies that come with age.   When I explain to them my need for something different they look at me like I just landed from another planet. If I could wave a magic wand and add 20 years to them I would. Maybe then they would understand.

I have taken to scanning makeup counters for someone who looks around my age, has makeup that is tastefully done and could be my best makeup friend. If she could show me what I need to know, how to apply it and get the most out of it for my age, I would be her best customer. I am an easy sell when it comes to makeup but not to the young women I have come across lately.

Maybe the solution is out there and I have missed it. If you have any hot tips for me I would love to hear them.  My makeup brands are Bobbie Brown, Laura Mercier and Jane Iredale.  The women behind these brands are smart and savvy women...surely they should have a solution. There is an opportunity here...when will someone see it??

How about you? 
Are you getting the most from your makeup experience ?

Beauty tips for women in 40's and beyond...

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  1. I get a bit lost at the makeup counters, too, Jeanne. I become overwhelmed by all the makers and products. I have on occasion, had my makeup done at the counter and I then feel obligated to buy products. I rely more on advertisements in magazines to guide me in buying products. I subscribe to a magazine for women over 40 called More. Do you have that in the UK? The advertisements are aimed at the over 40 crowd as well.

    One brand I love is Prescriptives. It is very no nonsense and they have some wonderful shades. I also like Clarins and Estee Lauder.


  2. Hi Jeanne, I think there is no substitute for good nutrition. Garbage in/Garbage out and no amount of make-up can hide that abuse. So, lots of pure water, organic fruits and veggies and healthy grains and proteins. That said, I use Jane Iredale and Aveda Products...and do so minimally. One of my 50 things to do at 50 is to have a make-up makeover. I've got that scheduled for around the 2nd week in April. For my 50th birthday I decided to "go gray" after years of pretty auburn, so my make-up needs have changed.

  3. About 5 years ago I ran onto the online makeup products of Lauren Hutton. She includes a video that explains how to make up a face for the aging women.

    I wear her makeup line, which looks very natural, when we go to an event such as a ball or cocktail party.

    Since living in Northern California two years ago and now in Indonesia with many Australian expats, I never wear makeup on a daily basis. I wear sunscreen, get a good haircut that I can wash and go with, lots of exercise and good food.

    I'd love to start going gray. In Northern California it is the norm.


  4. I use Clarins Extra Firming Foundation which I love! It gives a very natual but even cover and does not feel or look heavy. My latest find that I have been using for some time now is Waitrose Bottom Butter! I read about it in The Times a while ago as it had become a complete hit amongst all the Mums who had bought it for their babies and then tried it on their own faces! It lives up to its own hype! It makes your skin feel wonderful and is £2.54 a pot! Waitrose report that they have sold 14 years worth in just one year it has become so popular! I use it everywhere and it has the added bonus of being completely natural!

  5. Hello there...so I may not be qualified yet to say what products work for 50's skin - but have you read Bobbi Brown's book aimed at the 'older woman' - Living Beauty? It completely explained everything to me and covers all sorts of great stuff plus fab before and after pictures. I love that book - highly recommended. I even sent a copy to a few friends of mine - it really spoke to me. Lou x

  6. Perhaps try the Ellis Faas liquid eyemakeup.
    For blue eyes and fair hair, you might like to try the eye colour E106. Its a very pretty lilac/grey colour - you can make it as light or dark as you wish by the amount you apply. The advantage for us is that it doesn't accentuate wrinkles, and is very easy to apply.
    Suggest you ask for a demonstration as its a new type of application to get used to - but really worth it!
    Although the girls at the counter propose other Ellis Faas products to use with it, I have found you can combine with powder shadows quite easily - Ellis dont do a cool taupe for the upper lids, so the Nars "Barritz" works well here for the inner corner and just under the eyebrows. To line the eyes without a harsh eyeliner try the Nars Bengali - again good with blue eyes and cool skin, fair hair. Apply with the Nars Number 2 brush - its called an eyeliner brush I think, and is flat and quite stiff. Finally, the Ellis mascara is fantastic, also the foundation. If you have time, look at some of the videos on Lisa Eldrige's blog site - really good hints for all sorts of makeup tips. Hope this helps! Your blogs are just wonderful.



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