My reading glasses and a good cry...

Billi Tortoise Shell

I am posting about my new fab reading glasses because I truly love them. I have joined the legions of men and women who are resigned to having a pair or two or three laying about. We all inevitably lose one or all three. I have great confidence in my new glasses to stay put. They are big enough to capture all in front of me and slide on top of my head when not in use. They bring back fond memories and I am so thankful that the shape is back 'in'.  

I have been collecting  truly wild and colourful reading glasses so I can easily find them around the house. This has not been the best strategy. I recently found myself in a restaurant in London searching desperately for a pair so I could read the minuscule print they put on menus these days. Everyone around me was looking so elegant and all I had was my bright blue, nearly neon reading glasses...and yes, I had to do it.  My face blushed to a shade of pink to match the hue of the glasses as I looked up at the waiter to place my order and from that moment I vowed to find a respectable pair of reading glasses.  I am now thinking about these too. One for conservative moments and others for those times when I want to take a walk on the wild side... all from Good Lookers.
Richmond Tortoise  and Bliss Green Paisley

A parting thought......

My new glasses remind me of Diane Keaton and
the glasses she wore in the movie, Somethings Gotta Give. In fact,
this is sort of how I feel about having to wear reading glasses...

images via Good Lookers and You Tube


  1. I love your new glasses! Are they persciption or off the shelf? I need to have a pair in every bag on every floor of the house and about 10 other spairs just in case!!!

  2. We are in this together Jeanne...xv

  3. Hi Gillie... just off the shelf... 9.99 :)

  4. Oh I need bifocals now, bifocals! I may as well pull some some wrinkly nylons around my ankles and wear a sandwich board with over the hill scrawled across it

  5. I have had to wear reading glasses since I was 18 years old. I kept making typing errors at work and my boss kept telling me it was my eyes, but I did not believe him. So we made a bet that if would go get my eyes checked and if I had nothing wrong with my sight, I would get a $100 bonus. If I was wrong, I would have to wear reading glasses. Well he won the bet. My vision, otherwise, is great :) PS- Love the look of your glasses.

  6. I had something similar happen to me when I had a goofy pair of black reading glasses with sparkles and colored bling all over them I felt so juvenile! I now wear bifocal contact lens...they are really fantastic.


  7. Oh, Jeanne, tortoise shells are classic. Just timeless. That said, I much prefer my contact lenses. My (expensive) and so-called-childproof glasses have been damaged so many times by small pixie hands, they only come out at night, when the pixies are asleep! J x

  8. Ah, yes, the bi-focals, I have those too in contacts and glasses. My Optometrist loves me! I need the reading glasses to go over the contacts. It's a long story :)

  9. Loving those new tortoisehells - very similar to my 'readers' I found for a bargain price last year - check out.... Don't ever think you can have too many!! XX

  10. Pretty glasses. Makes me what to go shopping for more.
    I swear print is getting smaller everywhere.
    Great clip. I love that movie, the house, and her style.



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