Mulberry on my mind...

The 'Tillie' Tote

The 'Alexa' bag

I promised myself I would not go near the computer today.
I really really tried but I find it hard to resist
posts from the lovely Louise @ Lou, Boos and Shoes
and when she mentioned Mulberry I knew I had to read
just a little bit longer. Which of course lead to this..just a few pics.
I am really loving the new Tille Tote bag at the top.
Makes me wish I was a University student all over again :)
Thanks Lou!
Best wishes for a great weekend to one and all!!

Fun clip about the Mulberry New Bond Street store in London,


  1. Ahhhhh haaaaaa - LOVE IT! Yes it's a Tillie and yes I almost feel sick at the prospect of i) how much it was and ii) how beautiful and delicate it is!! What a treat. I have always been a complete Mulberry freak - even back in the day when I got my very first grown-up handbag (graduating from a school rucksack at about 16) my Mum took me to the Mulberry outlet and I got one! I loved that little bag. I have a little collection now, gathered over the years but this new one is - well it is something heavenly. I AM IN LOVE. If one can be in love with a bag - this is it! Lou xx
    P.S. Every now and then I get a pang of should it have been the iconic Alexa instead of the new Tillie and then I conclude - both gorgeous. I am a lucky girl!

  2. Oh Lou...I think you are one of the first! It has been the talk of the town :)

    Must be a sixth Virgo sense...I had a feeling this would be the one. I think you made the right choice. Love the Alexa but that is one to fall in love with.

    Is it heavy? I bought a Coach bag that I love but ended up seeing a physio for months before I realised what the problem was. Would it do for a full day out and about in London? Not that it really matters, I think I would be happy just to have it by my side :)

    Thanks for revealing all :)

  3. I love the Alexa!!
    Claudia xxx



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