Keeping it simple...

I like the KISS method when it comes to clothes....
I just wish I could do it!

I like to keep it simple.
Navy and white.
Mix and match.
One stop shopping. 

Now all I need is a place to go :)

KISS: keep it simple stupid :)

1 comment:

  1. Keep it simple and stylish. Love it and I agree. I found Ronni Nicole's knit dresses and bought them in every print she had out that year. I received huge compliments every where I went with them. They fit my body beautifully and I felt so pretty in them. I could pair them with scarves and sweaters and jewelry. Flats or heels and they looked fabulous. I could dress them up or dress them down...Ohhh how I miss those dresses. Can't find them anywhere now. Being a "jeans are my best friend" kind of girl, it was a miracle to find a dress I loved :-) You do have me thinking about those soft cashmere sweaters I love though. :-) A wardrobe make over is on the list this year as well.



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