Hobbs Black Corsham Coat

Yesterday was one of those days where I walked in to a shop with one coat on
and came out wearing another. It was drizzling in London and chillier than I 
expected. I have been on the lookout for a 'Barbour' type coat. 
I love Barbour but they do not seem to suit me.  I need that extra bit of length 
and I want it to be light yet warm and easy to move in. 

I picked up the black Hobbs Corsham Coat in"padded tipped taffeta 
with a neat collar and epaulette detailing". 
The price was right and voila!  
Tick that one off my list...

Next on my list are shoes for those long days out and about.
Thinking brogues.... any suggestions dear readers?


  1. Hi - freaks me out when you post things like this and I think - are you really truly my long lost sis??!! I have a car coat from Hobbs just like this - it is fab - never dates and goes anywhere. Love little sis xxx

  2. Mulberry, Hobbs, children, life, our fine Virgo attributes...there is quite a bit there Lou...my other Little's Sis's would be very jealous..

    Shhh...our little secret :) xx

  3. Love the coat Jeanne...Really great! Now, as for the brogues - check out Church's ladies range and maybe Russell and Bromley? X

  4. Love it Jeanne! Would you believe I bought a replica of this jacket for my eldest daughter only last winter? I was very sad that they didn't have one in my size! Meredy xo



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