Finding Basia...again

This is for those of you closer to my age who
have listened to Basia over the years.

When I saw these I knew I had to post them here.
I am trying to figure out when they were made...any guesses?

Twenty years on and I still listen to her music.
Great voice and a lot of style.

A little weekend music for you and a trip down memory lane :)
Have a good one!


  1. Oh yes...Basia brings back memories!

  2. Youtube is a great source for a trip down the memory lane! Basia and Matt Bianco were my sister's favourite records (born '69). I recently discovered old Erasure videos I have never seen back then (1988) and a colleague plunged in old Michael Jackson songs. Did you fancy Les Rita Mitsouko, too?

  3. Oh my, how nice to find, out of the sudden, another fan of "our" Basia :)Yes, the old songs bring good memories to me too, but the new ones aren't bad too.



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